Ultimate Guide To Rent A Bike | All You Need To Know To Rent A Bike

If you are visiting any new place and looking for a bike to rent, then in this post, I am going to tell you all about Bike renting.

Bike renting is one of the most popular services in the travel industry.

Tourists and travelers love to rent a bike whenever they travel to any new place.

In comparison to the other form of transportation such as private taxi, or public transportation, Bike renting is much comfortable and worth of money.

Bike On Rent

If you compare Bike renting with a private taxi, then private taxis are very expensive, especially in tourist spots. But you can rent a bike as low as 300 for the whole day, which gives you complete freedom to travel anywhere.

If a talk about Public transportation, then they run timely, so it will consume so much time to reach anyplace, and you have to wait a lot.

So, in short, Bike rental is the best option to travel wherever you go.

What is Bike Renting?

Bike renting is a service from where anyone can rent their preferred Bike for the short or long term.

In exchange, the person who is renting the Bike has to pay the renting fees.

Bike renting is very popular in tourist places. Travelers and tourists love to rent bikes to travel to nearby tourist destinations.

Also, if anyone shifted to a new place, and he/she doesn’t have any bike, then they have the option to rent a bike instead of buying a new one.

Bike rental services are mainly provided by bike shops or repair centers.

Today because of the huge demand, so many startups and dedicated services are coming into the bike rental business.

How Easy It’s To Rent A Bike?

Renting a bike is very simple, you just need to search for a bike rental service in your location and contact them.

You have to just provide some documents such as a driving license, any identity proof, etc to rent a bike.

If you are looking for any long-term renting, then you may have to submit some refundable security deposit in case of any damage done by you.

Here is the process to rent a bike

  • Search and contact the bike rental service in your location
  • Choose your preferred Bike
  • Submit your documents with a security deposit
  • All done

What Documents Do You Need To Rent A Bike?

Driving License: You may have a soft or hard copy of your driving license.

Aadhaar, Pan, Or Any Other ID Proof: You may have to deposit any of your original ID proof. They will return your ID proof with the Bike.

Security Deposit: You may have to deposit security money which will vary for different bikes. If you are renting for just one or two days for local travel, then they may not ask for the security deposit, but if you are going for any long trip, then they will definitely ask for the Security Deposit.

What Are Pros & Cons Of Bike Renting?


  • Affordable in comparison to other form of transportation
  • Traveling on a Bike saves so much time
  • The process to rent a bike is easy
  • Can enjoy bike ride without owning any bike


  • If any damage done to Bike by you, then you have to bear the expenses
  • If you just need to travel a few kilometers, then there are no advantages of renting a bike for the whole day

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Renting A Bike

  • Make sure you carry your driving license, whether digital or hard copy.
  • Ask for a soft copy of the vehicle’s documents.
  • Inspect the motorcycle carefully before accepting. I will suggest you make the video.
  • You have to return the Bike at a specified time and date.
  • Ask if there is any penalty if there is any delay in returning the Bike.
  • If there is any damage to the Bike done by you, then you have to pay the penalty.
  • Check if there is sufficient petrol to reach the nearest petrol pump/station for a top-up.
  • You have to return the Bike with the exact same petrol given to you.
  • Please read the refund and cancellation policy carefully.
  • They will provide you Helmets for no extra cost; it’s up to you that you want one helmet or two.

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