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If you are coming Bangriposi, Odisha then here in this travel guide to Bangriposi i am going to tell you every required things you should know before visiting the place.

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Bangriposi is situated on the Thakurani Hills in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, India. It is a great travel destination to visit, especially for nature lovers. Here we are going to tell you why you must visit the place, things to see here, and all of the other required information.

Bangriposi is a secluded tribal village which is situated on the Thakurani Hills. If you live in Kolkata or planning to visit here, then you must think to add this location in your trip.

Bangriposi is just 228kms away from Kolkata and well connected to all kinds of public transportation.

The place is known for its natural beauty, panoramic hill view, local tribs, artistic handwork in Dokhra Filigree, and the famous Simlipal Tiger Reserve which is just 137 km away from here.

How To Reach Bangriposi:

By Rail: Bangriposi has its own railway station. You can use the train from the Kolkata to reach the place, and it will take around 6 hours to reach.

Bus: Yes, you can find busses from the Kolkata for here.

Car: Distance from the Kolkata is 228 km, which means it will take around 5 to 6 hours to reach the destination.

Where To Stay In Bangriposi?

The place has no luxury stays because it is not as popular as many other tourist spots of Odisha.

Here you can find ego cottages, and guest houses, with basic necessities.

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Best Time to Visit Bangriposi:

You must visit the place from January to March and then from September to December.

Avoid visiting the place during the Monsoon because of heavy rainfall, in summer weather is humid.

Nearby Attractions In Bangriposi

• The Barehipani And Joranda Waterfalls

Barehipani Waterfall Distance: 103 KM

Joranda Waterfall Distance: 95 KM

The waterfalls are located in the National Park. Barehipani is falling from the height of 400 metres, and Joranda is falling from the 150 metres.

• Lulung

Distance: 57 KM

Lulung is situated right next to the Palpala River and gateway to most famous Simlipal National Park.

• Chahala

Distance: 32 KM

Chahala is a wildlife sighting place, and the place is best to find wildlife animals and various variety of birds.

• Buribalam River

Distance: 97 KM

It is located in the Simlipal National Park.

• Duarsini Temple

Distance: 99 KM

Duarsini Temple, which is Situated on the Thakurani Hills, has various religious significance. It is also known as Bonbibi or Kanakdurga Mandir. If you love photography then from here you can get the best panoramic view of Bangriposi.

• Kuliana Dokra Village

Distance: 20 KM

The place is famous for its art and the local peoples.

• Bisoi Haat

Distance: 1.4 KM

It is a local marketplace which only takes place on Saturdays every week. The place is good to understand the ruler life and their ways of living, which is far more different than cities of modern days.

• Simlipal National Park

Distance: 137 KM

Simpal National park is the biggest attraction nearby the Bangriposi. This national park is the part of the Tiger Reserve project and has hue no of tigers, other wildlife animals, 230 species of birds and different kinds of reptiles. Except the wildlife, The Simlipal National Park has waterfalls, a beautiful river, and deep forests.

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