Don’t Stay In Kasol, It’s Crowded | Instead Pick These Offbeat Places

In the last few years, Kaosl gained so much popularity because of the beautiful nature, sacred River Parvati, hippie lifestyle, and good hashish. Undoubtedly, Kasol is an easy escape for Delhi & Chandigarh’s peoples to avoid city hustle-bustle for few days.

We go to a hill station to have some peace and witness the beauty of nature. But due to large no tourists, Kasol is getting much commercialized day by day and becoming much crowded. It is also impacting the prices of hotels, transportation, and food.

But you can choose nearby offbeat places over the crowded Kasol to experience the true nature and mountain life.

Offbeat Places Near Kasol

1. Chalal

Chalal is situated at an altitude of 5300 feet, and from Kasol, it is around 3.5 KM. Trekking is the only medium to reach the place; after 20 to 30 minutes of trekking, you can easily reach there. The way for the Chalal goes along with the River Parvati from inside the Chalal forest. There are homestays, camps, and cafes where you can stay and have food. The most popular cafe of the Chala is the Freedom cafe, which is a little expensive than others but worth paying. 

Offbeat Places Near Kasol

2. Rasol

The second nearest offbeat place to Kasol is the Rasol, which is around 4 KM, and situated at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Rasol has a very small village located in a remote location with less than 100 houses. To reach Rasol, just head toward the Chalal; it is the next stop after the Chalal village. There are few backpacker guesthouses and hotels which offer both food and stays.

Offbeat Places Of Kasol
Rasol Credit

3. Grahan

Grahan is a small village surrounded by nature with no internet, mobile network, big cafes, and shops. Compared to Chalal and Rasol, Grahan is a little hard to reach, as Grahan is around 8 Km from Kasol and hiking is the only way to reach. But trust me, the trekking route of Grahan has some beautiful scenic views to offer. If you never did hiking, then Grahan will be a little challenge for you.

Grahan Villege

4. Pulgi

Pulgi is the next village after Grahan; from Grahan, it will be around 1 Km but far more small and beautiful than grahan. Pulgi is the place from where people start the trekking for Sir Pass. In the winter, the entire village gets surrounded by white snow. There are three waterfalls nearby the Pulgi where you should definitely visit.

Pulgi Himachal Pradesh

5. Kalga

Kalga is a beautiful small village surrounded by mountains and a hippie lifestyle. The best part of here is its cafes, interior and people. You will meet here so many artists, backpackers, and long term travelers. Around the cafes, you can see big apple gardens all around.

From Kasol, it is around 17 KM; you can find private taxis or public buses from the Kasol for Barshaini. From there, you have to trek around half KM to reach the Kalga Village.

Compared to the Kasol, this place is less expensive and much more beautiful.

Kalga Parvati Valley
Kalga Village

6. Pulga

Kalga, Tulga, and Pulga are the three neighboring villages that are easily reachable within half an hour of trekking from one village to another. You can directly reach here from the Barshaini, or you can first go to Kalga, and from there, you can trek all of the ways to the Pulga. In comparison to the Kalga, Pulga is much more remote and situated near the Fairy Forest, which is a dense forest of deodar trees.

Pulga Himachal
Fairy Forest

7. Tosh

The place is easily reachable by hiking from the Barshaini; from there, Tosh is around 3 KM. It is another beautiful location of the Parvati Valley with unparalleled natural beauty located at the altitude of 7874 ft, and popular for its cannabis plantations. It is a paradise for those who are fascinated with the Hippie Culture and nature.

Tosh Near Kasol
Tosh Village Credit

8. Kheerganga

Kheerganga is the most popular moderate level of trekking destination in the Parvati Valley. It is popular for its natural Hot Spring, and so many ancient stories are connected with this place. There are campsites and few small cafes where you can stay and have food. There are two ways to reach here; you can hike from Barshaini or Kalga village.

Kheerganga Credit

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