What Is The Best Time To Visit Gulmarg? | Gulmarg In Summer, Monsoon, & Winter

If you are confused about the best time to visit Gulmarg, then this post is going to help you. In this post, I am going to explain Gulmarg in each season.

Contemplating a visit to Gulmarg but not sure which month to book your tickets for? Well then let me tell you that Gulmarg is best visited ALL THROUGH THE YEAR! 

Yes, you heard me right! This year-round destination offers a unique charm every season. While it is tough, all that you need to figure out is what exactly you would like to see and experience in Gulmarg if you are looking to pick the One Best Time to visit Gulmarg.

Best Season To Visit Gulmarg

A place that sets the perfect stage for a white winter wonderland and then changes its hues and colors to the bright and beautiful yellows of spring – Well, that is Gulmarg for you.

So have we left out the monsoon months? Absolutely not, as this is the season when Gulmarg surprises you with its artistic appeal and lets you grab some amazing discounts too.

When you ask me the right season to visit Gulmarg, then my answer to this question is All The Seasons.

But I leave the choice to your taste. Read below to know what each season in this heavenly paradise has to offer, and then take your pick.

  • Peak Season – March to June
  • Shoulder Season – October to February
  • Off Season – July to September

Summers in Gulmarg – March to June 

Wish to stare in awe at the blue skies and appreciate the colors and greenery around? Then summers could be the ideal season for you to plan your trip to this Heaven on Earth.

Expect a temperature of around 13 to 29 degrees Celsius during this season. The perfect time to appreciate the colorful meadows of flowers, keep in mind that summers are also the peak touristy season for Gulmarg.

Monsoons In Gulmarg – July to September

Monsoons hit Gulmarg sometimes in the early week of July. However, what makes Gulmarg special is that the place does not experience the muddy and humid rainfall that is usually associated with the monsoon months in the other parts of India.

Gulmarg receives very scanty rain, which lets the season flaunt its own beauty. The tourists have already gone back, which means a double bonus for you.

Not only do you have the beauty all to yourself but being the shoulder season, a visit to Gulmarg in the monsoons ensures discounted flight and hotel rates for you.

Winters in Gulmarg – October to February

If you have dreamt of a white Christmas in Europe which never materialized, then Gulmarg definitely does not disappoint you.

My favorite season, Winters in Gulmarg, is sure to take your breath away. Sub-zero temperatures and fresh powdered snow – Gulmarg during the winters seem to be a place just out of a fairy tale book.

This destination has the best slopes making it the perfect place to try out skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. Not in the mood for any adventurous sports, then just walk around the place, make snowmen and immerse yourself in its beauty.

Honestly, it is tough for me to choose one season and give it the credit of being the best time to visit Gulmarg. The place is a visual treat, be it any month of the year. So it’s time you stop thinking. Go ahead, pack your bags and head straight to Gulmarg because One visit to Gulmarg will never be enough.

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