What Is The Best Time To Visit Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

You can visit Mcleodganj throughout the year, and each season the place has something unique to offer. During summer you can trek the peaks and see the staggering view of the surrounding, on another side during spring you can see magnificent waterfalls all around. And during winter you can enjoy the snowfall.

Best Time Visit Mcleodganj

It isn’t easy to choose the best season to visit Mcleodganj. You should ask yourself what exactly you are expecting.

In this post, I am going to explain the Mcleodganj in each season so you can choose the best time to come to Mcleodganj as per your preference.

Mcleodganj In Summer | April To July

After March, the day started being sunny, but the night stays chilly. During this period, you can see the fresh leaves on the trees, beautiful flowers, and birds are chirping all around.

This is the time when tourism started to begin slowly again. As the days passed, the sun started getting much stronger, and snow starts melting from the higher altitude points.

Till May snow melts from most of the higher altitude treks, and trekkers started coming.

After may is the best time if you are planning for trekking. During this period the weather stays pleasant, so you can comfortably trek.

Why Not Come in Summer

Summer is not the best time if you are expecting waterfalls. When I was here in summer 2021, most of the waterfalls were dry.

Mcleodganj In Monsoon | August To September

This the month when the atmosphere is filled with the fresh, soothing smell of nature. This is the best period for waterfall lovers, and you can find all waterfalls in their full flow.

This time is not good in terms of roaming and trekking freely. The treks will get muddy and slippery.

So if you are making any plan for trekking during the monsoon, then you should definitely postpone that.

In monsoon, you will find very few tourists in comparison to the summer.

Mcleodganj In Post Monsoon | October To November 

Post monsoon is also a good time because there will be fewer tourists, and the weather will be pleasant. There will be a slight dip in temperature during the night, but days will be sunny. Post monsoon trekking and camping also begin, so you can also enjoy that.

Mcleodganj In Winter | December To February

December and January are the two peak winter months that get heavy snowfall. During this period the trekking will not be possible in the higher altitude areas. You can trek to the lower altitude treks like Triund, Kareri Lake, etc., but camping will not be possible because of the unpredictable weather.

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