Where To Get Bikes In Kasol? Everything You Need To Know

If anybody tells you that Bike rental is hard or expensive in Kasol, then don’t listen to that person. He/she doesn’t know anything about Bike renting in Kasol.

You can easily find lots of websites online with good prices where you can rent a bike in advance. Or there are so many places in Kasol like Kasol main market, Bhuntar, and Barshini, where you can find a bike renting shop.

In this post, I am going to share my genuine experience with Bike Renting in Kasol. And whatever I am sharing in this post, it’s my own experience. I have been to Kasol many times, and I know this place very well.

Where To Rent Bike In Kasol

1. Check Google

Just Google “Bike Rental In Kasol,” you will find many trusted websites for bike rental.

Here are some trusted sites to book or get information about Bike rental in Kasol.

I found Thrillophilia bike Rental Service while checking Google; I think Thrillophilia is a trusted name in the Indian tourism industry.

Other than that, I also find some local Bike Rental shops listing with their phone no in Google. So you can talk to these shop owners to get an idea about Bike renting.

Just search for “Bike Rental In Kasol

Where To Get Bikes In Kasol

2. Visit The Local Bike Renting Shops

If you don’t want to book the Bike in advance, then it’s ok. You can find many Bike Renting shops in Kasol and nearby places where you can get a bike of your preference after reaching Kasol.

Places Where You Can Find Local Bike Rental Shops

  • Bunthar: There are very few direct buses for Kasol; most of them will drop you are Bunthar. From here you have to take a cab or bus to reach Kasol. So Bhunthar will be the best place for you to rent a bike.
  • Kasol: You can find some Bike Renting shops in Kasol’s main market nearby the Bus stop. If you trouble to find any shop, just ask any local people.
  • Barshini: if you are in Tosh, Kalga, or Kheerganga, and want to rent a bike, then you don’t need to come back to Kasol, as you can find any Bike renting shops in Barshini too.

3. Contact On These Shops

  • Kasol Rental Bike, 98163 28555, (Address: Manikaran Rd, Kasol)
  • Bike Rental Kasol, 82828 29569
  • Thakur Bike Rentals, 89882 65439, (Address: Bhuntar Bazaar Rd)
  • Bike Rentals Bhuntar, 8015100004 (Address: near Post Office, Bhuntar)
  • Travel People India, 98052 49735, (Address: Manikaran Rd, Kasol)
  • Shiva Tour And Travels Kasol, 70438 00000, (Address: Near New Airport terminal, Airport Rd, Bhuntar)

Note: I use Google search to find these contact no of bike rental service in Kasol. So please verify and ask every detail before making any payment. Also i will suggest you to not pay in advance, first visit there shop, confirm everything and then pay.

Pricing For Bike Rental

The average price of Bike renting in Kasol will be 500 to 1500, depending on the factors given below,

  • Season or Off Season: First you there are no fixed prices; it depends on the season. During the peak season time, you may have to pay more than 1500 for one day of rental. In comparison, during the off-season, you can find bikes below 1000 for one day.
  • Which Bike You Want To Rent: Scooty will be the less costly two-wheeler you can rent; if you want a bullet, Himalayan, or any other bike, then you have to pay more.

Things You Must Have To Rent A Bike

  • Driving License: You may have your soft or hard copy of your driving license.
  • Aadhaar Card

Tips For Bike Renting 

  • Make sure you carry your driving license, whether digital or hard copy.
  • Ask for the soft copy of the vehicle’s documents.
  • Inspect the motorcycle carefully before accepting. I will suggest you make the video.
  • You have to return the Bike at a specified time and date.
  • Ask if there is any penalty if there is any delay in returning the Bike.
  • If there is any damage to the bike done by you, then you have to pay the penalty.
  • Check if there is sufficient petrol to reach the nearest petrol pump/station for a top-up.
  • You have to return the Bike with the exact same petrol given to you.
  • If you are renting a Bike from any online service in advance, then please read the refund and cancellation policy carefully.

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