Can You Do Triund Trek By Yourself Or Need Guide?

When you are going for any trek, you don’t know how hard it will be, or there are so many other questions.

I have been to the Triund Trek recently, so I am going to tell you whether you can do this trek by yourself or if you need a guide.

It’s really hard to say which trek is hard and which is easy, but in comparison to the other treks of Himachal Pradesh, Triund Trek is easy, and you can complete it within 3 to 4 hours of hike. As I tell you, the trek is easy, so you don’t need any guide to complete the trek.

Can You Do Triund Trek By Yourself

Do You Need A Guide For Triund Trek?

Definitely not, whether this is your first trek, or you already did some trek. Anyone doesn’t need any guide to reach the Triund.

I am not becoming over smart; here are the reasons that’s why you don’t need any guide for the Triund Trek?

The Way Is Not Complicated:

The Triund trek is not complicated, you just need to follow one trail upward, and you will reach the Triund within 3 to 4 hours of hike.

There are two ways, one from Gallu Devi Temple, and the second is from Bhagsu Nag temple.

If you are a complete beginner, then I will suggest you take the Gallu Devi Temple route as it’s easy in comparison to the other route.

If you are an advanced trekker and want to follow a little challenging route, then you should follow the Bhagsu Bag temple route.

You Will Meet Many Tourist On Route:

You will find so many tourists going up to Triund or coming down. If you get confused at any point, you can ask them. So there is no need to go with a guide. 

Especially if you are going from the Gallu Device Temple route, then you will find so many tourists, especially on the weekends.

On the Bhagsu Nag temple route, you will find fewer peoples in comparison to the Galu device temple route, but there are many cafes on the way. You can ask them the right way if, at any point, you get doubtful about the route.

Prepare For Future

As I tell you that Triund is the beginner level trek; if you will require a guide for a beginner level trek, then how you are gonna complete the other hard treks.

By going yourself, you can experience how to identify the right trails in the mountains. It will be helpful if you go for any hard trek in the future.

Where To Stay In Triund?

You have three different options to stay on Triund,

Kanthari Or Mana Village:

Most of the travel agencies will stay you in Kanthari or Mana villages; they are 1 to 2 km down from Triund.

What happens that during the weekend you will find rush on the Triund, so the best option will be for you to book a camp in advance.

You can refuse the travel agency for the guide, because they may ask you for extra charges for the guide.

Triund Top

When I was on Triund during March 2021, the forest department had been closed down all of the private camps on the Triund Top. There were one or two guest houses where You could stay.

Triund Snowline:

There are two to three cafes on the Triund Snowline, which is 3 to 4 km from Triund Top. But during the weekend there could be a rush.

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