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Chalal is a popular tourist destination situated at an altitude of 5300 feet on the side of the Parvati River in the Parvati Valley region. Here in the village good charas is easy to get over good food.

From Kasol, Chalal is around 3.4 km; after half an hour of trek, you can reach this beautiful village.

Due to so much popularity Kasol is getting commercialized day by day. So for those who visit Kasol, Chalal is their most favorite nearby location because it is less crowded and much more beautiful than Kasol. 

Offbeat Places Near Kasol
Campling In Chalal

It is also a favorite location for those who like to smoke charas, or want to buy some good stuff. Here you can smoke or trade charas so much authoritative restrictions.

This place also gives you the option to do camping on the Riverside at a very reasonable cost, except during the new year.

Also, very often, Psy parties happen in cafes and forest areas. If you are interested in any of that party, then just ask the locals or Cafe owners. They will tell you about the upcoming parties you can join.

Even if you are not a party animal or like smoking joints, you should still come here to spend few days in-between nature.

How To Reach Chalal

  • Nearest Airport: Kullu
  • Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Kasol Bus Stop

Reaching Chalal From Cab: From the Airport or Railway Station, you can easily find direct private cabs for the Kasol. From there you have to trek till the Chalal village.

If you don’t want to spend money on private taxis then you can come to the Buntar Bus Stop from Airport or Railway Station, from there you can find a public bus for the Kasol.

Reaching Chalal From Bus: The Nearest bus stop to the Chalal is the Kasol, but very few direct busses come here. So if you find any direct busses for Kasol, then It is good; otherwise, you have to first reach Buntar. From there you can take a private cab or public bus to Kasol. After that, you have to just trek for the village.

Best Time To Visit Chalal

Except for the Monsoon, you can visit this place anytime. In monsoon, due to heavy rainfall, it becomes really difficult to roam around the village. Even the trekking route becomes inconvenient due to muds.

Summer is the most popular time to come here, and it attracts most of the local and foreign tourists. Specifically, this place is a perfect escape for the people who live in the cities like Delhi with extremely hot weather conditions.

If you want to enjoy the snow and chilly winter nights, then you should come here in the winter. October to February is the wintertime in the valley.

October to mid-December will be average cold with sunny days and chilly nights.

Mid-December to January will be the peak winter time with so much snow, and usually temperature goes below minus in the nights.

Christmas to New year is the most crowded time, and due to the high demand, this place becomes very expensive. So if time isn’t an issue for you, then you should avoid visiting this place during this time. Because for the same homestays and cafes, you have to pay 3 to 5 times more.

Where To Stay In Chalal Village

You can find here every kind of stay like a homestay, budget or luxury cafes, and camps. Even there are many campsite areas where you can place your own camps after permission.

You can easily find a place according to your budget except for the peak period. On normal days you can get a good stay for just 100 rupees per person.

Where To Eat

Most of the cafes offer both food and shelter. So you can order food from the same Cafe where you are staying, or visit any other.

If you are staying in homestays, then nothing can be better than this. In my experience, Homestay serves better quality food at a reasonable price in comparison to cafes.

You can also come to Kasol, as we mentioned that Chalal is nearby Kasol, so you can go to Kasol to eat. Kasol is the only place in the Parvati Valley that offers every variety of food and in every budget. Even there are few cafes in Kasol which offer the food of other countries.

Thing To Do In Chalal

Camping On River Side

Camping in the Chalal River is very famous, stay in the camp area and enjoy a night under the sky. From your camp, you can hear the clear sound of the Parvati River. 

Star Gazing

Whether you are staying in camp, cafes, or Homestay, just ask the owner for the bonfire, and sit under the sky, do sky gazing and play some music of your choice.

Spend Time In Chalal Forest

You can go to the Chalal forest area. You can hear birds chirping along with the sound of the Parvati River. Bring any Bluetooth speaker with you, play some music and enjoy nature.

Enjoy Sunset & Sunrise From River Parvati

You can sit on the rocks On the side of the River Parbati and enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise view. 

Do Party

Chalal is mostly famous for partying, and very frequently, parties happen in cafes or forest areas. You just need to ask locals or any Cafe owner about the upcoming party. If you are lucky and there is any party happening, then you can join it.

Spend A Night In Freedom Cafe

Freedom Cafe is the most popular Cafe in the Chalal. The place has the best hippie interior. And you can have some beautiful trippy pictures at night to show off on social media. But the place is not cheap, especially their food in comparison to other cafes.

Freedom Cafe In kasol
Freedom Cafe Outer Sitting Area

Do Bonfire In Forest Area.

At night you can go to the Chalal forest area and have a bonfire with friends. There is not any kind of restriction, so you do not need to worry. Just arrange some wood, kerosene oil, bring a good Bluetooth speaker, and enjoy the bonfire.

Places To Visit Nearby Chalal

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