Charkhole Travel Guide | Things To Do | Best Places To Visit | How To Reach

Best Time To Visit

Entire year except for Rainy Season

Nearest Airport

Bagdogra (96 KM)

Nearest Railway Station

NJP Railway Station (86)

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The beautiful village of Charkhole is situated in the Darjeeling district of North Bengal and located in the Kalimpong subdivision at the altitude of 5000ft. From Charkhole Hill, you can easily get a clear 360 view of the beautiful mountain Kanchenjunga.

From Lolegaon, it is situated at a distance of 12 Km, and from Kalimpong, its distance is 27 KM. The place is surrounded by the forests of towering Pine, oak, fir, cypress, a variety of rhododendrons, and some very rare species of birds. And It is also the highest motor rally point.

How To Reach Charkhole

  • The nearest airport is Bagdogra, which is about 96 KM
  • The nearest Railway station is 86 Km.

You can easily find a car or cab from the Airport and Railway station for the Charkhole.

You can also come from the Darjeeling Kalimpong route, which is 75 km in the distance.

Best Time To Visit Place

Except for the rainy season, you can visit the place anytime. The place is relatively situated at a low altitude, so you will not find extreme cold in winter, and in summer temperature does not rise too much here.

Places To Visit In Charkhole


A small Lepcha village which is also known as Kaffer. From here, you can have a magnificent look at Himalayan snow ranges. The sunrise view from the Jhandidara is very famous because here sunrises over the snow peaks, which looks incredibly beautiful. Canopy Walk is also very famous here and you must try it to have an incredible experience. Canopy Walk is a hanging footbridge over the Canopy of huge trees. 



Lava is mostly famous for Lava Monastery and handicrafts products. It is located at the height of 7,200 ft. The lava Monastery is the biggest monastery in the entire region. To reach Lava, you have to trek 4 km through the Neora Valley forest, which is a hub of various bird species. 


Neora Valley Forest

From Lava you can also have a jungle safari for Neora Valley Forest by Jeep. Or you can also trek inside the forest to find various rare bird species and many other natural attractions.

Neora Valley Forest

Changi Falls

Chagey falls which also known as Changi or Changey, is a beautiful waterfall in the between the deep forest. It is a 3 km jeep drive from the Charkhole, or you can use the men made staircases which will cover the distance to fall in just 1.5 km. The sound of the fall between the birds chipping feels very peaceful and melodious.

Changi Falls


Rishyap a small village on the hilltop, which is popular for its viewpoint to get a 300 degrees view of the Himalayas with Kanchenjunga and find various species of birds. First, you have to trek to Lava, and then from there, you can trek to Rishyap, which is just 4 Km from there. You can also choose to ride from Lava to Rishyap by jeep, but the roads are not good, and the distance will increase to 12 Km.



Pedong is a village on the Old Silk Route and situated on the height of 4100 ft. The place has a deep connection with history, and it faced the very old feud between Lepcha and Bhutan.

The village’s name comes from the famous Pine Tree. In Bhutan, “Pe” means Pine, and “Dong” means Tree. The place is popular for its Pine forests, green valleys, and clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Siniolchu.


Things To Do In Charkhole

  • Take the Canopy Walk in Lolegaon
  • Enjoy Kanchenjunga Sunrise from Jhandidara
  • Visit the Lava Monastery
  • Shop handicrafts in Lava
  • Jungle safari to Neora Valley Forest by Jeep
  • Trek through the Neora Valley Forest
  • Bird watching in Neora Valley Forest
  • Visit the Chagey falls

Thing To Note Before Visiting Charkhole

  • Charkhole is a rural area with no marketplace, so you must carry all of the personal requirements prior to reaching the place.
  • Especially if you have any kind of common or serious health issues, please carry all of the required medicines so it will help you in case of emergency.
  • Please also carry some dry foods item like Biscuits, chips, etc, because there is no single shop in the village.
  • Also carry enough cash with you because there is no ATM here, and even any kind of card payment will also not be accepted.
  • This place has limited mobile connectivity, so it will be better if you carry more than one phone of a different mobile network.

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