What Are The Most Common Problems In Auroville?

Auroville is an experimental city, an entirely new concept. However, not everything about Auroville is that rosy.

Let me take you through a few details to help you understand what problems the citizens in Auroville are struggling with.

Common Problems In Auroville

Common Problems In Auroville

Money matters

  • To become an Auroville, you need to donate a lot to the Ashram. If you are not ready to do so, then your application may get rejected.
  • Severing your ties with the ashram could end up with nothing for you.
  • Youngsters need to pay money if they want to volunteer here and do not get paid to do the job.
  • There is a divide here between the rich and the poor which again is against the principles of Auroville.
  • Every month you need to pay money towards Auroville maintenance.
  • Westerners are charged highly if they wish to become an Auroville.
  • You need money to buy a housing unit which is compulsory when you enter here. The maintenance you get here when you come to Auroville and work is not great. Thus You need to be prepared financially before coming here.

Living here

  • The joining process is tedious which is why many tend to back out and not join Auroville.
  • You are given shelter, food, and a job. You need to adjust to what you get without complaining.
  • You are not allowed to question the authority or the system else, you may end up losing your civil rights.
  • It is a closed community, so outsiders cannot necessarily help you when in need.
  • We are not sure, but there has been some news about scandals and crimes in Auroville.
  • There is a lot of politics in between the three main heads namely, the westerners, the Auroville who are the chosen ones, and the people who have been appointed here by the Indian government.
  • Auroville is not completely free of crime, drugs, and convicts.

Local trouble

  • The Auroville land was meant to be a place for all to live in harmony. But the land today is in a major dispute with the locals and Aurovillian fighting over it.
  • The gardens that surround the Mantri Mandir say that locals are not permitted to enter the garden. Though they are the ones who are maintaining it.
  • One needs to get an Auro card to enter the garden or the Mantri Mandir which was absolutely against the Mothers’ idea.

So yes, like any other society, there are problems in Auroville too. But people do live here and have narrated details about their fulfilled lives. It is important however to be vigilant about these shortcomings if you decide to take the plunge to become an Aurovillian.

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