20 Most Interesting Facts About Pondicherry Which You Should Know

Before you head to Pondicherry, it pays to go through these interesting facts about Pondicherry, which will make it even more exciting to explore the place.

Interesting Facts About Pondicherry

Pondicherry Interesting Facts

  • The Gandhi statue in Pondicherry is the third-largest in the entire world
  • You Get To Be Blessed By A Real Elephant In Pondicherry
  • There Are 70 Temples In Pondicherry Devoted To Lord Ganesha
  • The Basilica Sacred Heart Of Jesus Can Hold 2000 People
  • Pondicherry Is Officially Called Puducherry
  • It Is Known As The Paris Of The South
  • The Only Place On The East Coast Where You Can Scuba Dive Is In Pondicherry
  • Promenade Beach Is A Quiet Beach
  • Pondicherry Celebrates Its Own Independence Day
  • Pondicherry Is Famous For Its Coffee
  • Pondicherry Has The First Experimental Town, Auroville
  • Pondicherry Has Its Folk Dance Called Podikazhi Attam
  • M. Night Shyamalan Is A Hollywood Director Born In Pondicherry
  • Pondicherry Experiences A Late Monsoon Season
  • Pondicherry Has The Lowest Tax On Alcohol
  • The French National Day Is Still Marked By A Parade And Red Flag
  • The French War Memorial Is Opposite To The Mahatma Gandhi Statue
  • The Botanical Garden Did Not Start As A Botanical Garden
  • Pondicherry Hosts A Masquerade Festival
  • Pondicherry Is A Planned Town

1. The Gandhi statue in Pondicherry is the third-largest in the entire world

There are more than 70 Mahatma Gandhi statues erected to honor him. The largest one is in Patna, and it is 24 meters tall. Pondicherry has a big Gandhi statue as well, which is 13 feet tall and sits bang on the Promenade beach and is the third-largest statue.

2. You get to be blessed by a real elephant in Pondicherry

An elephant usually visits the Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Pondicherry and blesses the devotees. Laxmi, the name of the elephant, visits the temple on some evenings. She accepts gifts in the form of food and money. Though she is not a regular now, you may be likely to spot her and seek blessings from an elephant in Pondicherry.

3. There are 70 temples in Pondicherry devoted to Lord Ganesha

There are many temples in Pondicherry which are more than 350 in number. Of these temples, 70 temples in Pondicherry are dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

4. The Basilica Sacred Heart of Jesus can hold 2000 people

Pondicherry boasts of many beautiful churches of which the Basilica Sacred Heart of Jesus is an important one. With the gothic architecture, the church can hold more than 2000 people at one time.

5. Pondicherry is officially called Puducherry.

Pondicherry was changed to Puducherry in the year 2006. Its first name however was Putucceri, where Putu means New in Tamil and Ceri means Village. The French had given the place the name Pondicherry.

6. It is known as the Paris of the south

Pondicherry is known by many names like Paris of the South, India’s little France, and the Europe of India.

7. The only place on the east coast where you can scuba dive is in Pondicherry

If you wish to learn scuba diving from a certified scuba diver, then the only place on the east coast where you can do this is in Pondicherry.

8. Promenade beach is a quiet beach

Yes, you heard me right. There are no vehicles on the road adjacent to the Promenade beach making it a quiet beach.

9. Pondicherry celebrates its own independence day

Pondicherry, though in India, does not celebrate its independence day on the 15th of August. Instead, it celebrates Independence Day a day later on the 16th of August. It celebrates liberation day on the 1st of November.

10. Pondicherry is famous for coffee

A mix of south Indian and French culture, it is no surprise that Pondicherry is the place where you can savor the best coffee, handpicked, roasted, and ground in the cafe itself.

11. Pondicherry has the first experimental town

Auroville is the first experimental town in the world where people do not believe in religion and aim to stay in perfect harmony.

12. Pondicherry has its folk dance called Podikazhi Attam

The Pondicherry folk dance is a sight to behold with 8 or 16 men dressed in traditional costume moving in choreographed pattern and enchanting the audience.

13. M. Night Shyamalan is a Hollywood director born in Pondicherry

The director of Signs (2002), the Sixth Sense (1999), and The Village (2004), was born in Pondicherry.

14. Pondicherry experiences a late monsoon season

Most cities in India experience monsoon between June through September, but Pondicherry experiences it in October and November.

15. Pondicherry has the lowest tax on alcohol

Since Pondicherry is a union territory and not a state, so there are no state government rules applied here. You thus enjoy a low tax on alcohol.

16. The French national day is still marked by a parade and red flag

The Bastille Day or the French national day falls on the 14h of July and is celebrated even today. Soldiers march on the street and also sing the Indian and the French national anthem.

17. The French war memorial is opposite to the Mahatma Gandhi statue

You get to see this iconic view with the Mahatma Gandhi statue on one side and the French War memorial on the other.

18. The botanical garden did not start as a botanical garden

The botanical garden today has more than 1500 species of plants, but in the year 1826 it was just a place to analyze crops that could be grown in the Pondicherry region

19. Pondicherry hosts a masquerade festival

You will be able to find some French legacy here in Pondicherry, especially at the masquerade festival. The folks wear elaborate costumes, and colorful masks, and the restaurant serves some amazing sweet treats and seafood.

20. Pondicherry is a planned town

Pondicherry is an excellent and well-planned town also known as the White Town.

The article covers many interesting and fun facts about Pondicherry. We hope that this interests you and instigates you to pack your bags and head to Pondicherry right away.

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