What Are Must-Eats In Pondicherry? Most Famous Food In Pondicherry

Famous for its villas and beaches, Pondicherry is also a place that lets you taste some mouth-watering and delicious delicacies.

Must-Eats In Pondicherry

List Of Famous Food In Pondicherry

Here in this post i am going to tell you about some of the most famous food in Pondicherry which you should definitely try whenever you come here.

  • Chicken biryani and prawn risotto at the Le Dupleix are a must-try. This restaurant located in White Town does not fail to fulfill the fantasies of your taste bud.
  • Meen Kuzhambu at the Maison Perumal Hotel and Restaurant is a special curry which is fish gravy made with some delectable spices and served along with rice.
  • Ooze your palate with the Multani paneer tikka, a hot favorite among the north Indian crowd at #Dilliwaala 6
  • The Indian and salty variety of doughnut, Medu Vada, and the pineapple sheera for your sweet tooth is a must-try at Madhuram Multicuisine restaurant.
  • Minced beef patties served with pepper sauce, and French fries are worth savoring at the Villa Shanti
  • Knowsuey is a street-side food which is a vegetarian curry prepared in coconut base served with noodles or rice with a crisp garnish. If your mouth is watering already, head straight to Mission Street.
  • Tamarind fish curry and ratatouille is a hot favorite among the locals and tourists alike with a spicy fish curry served with a Pondicherry styled ratatouille at the Carte Blanche.
  • Head to the Smoothie Bay to try out their set meal and nutty affair, which is a must-try if you like sausages, patties, and fries.
  • For the mutton roll lovers, the Kati Roll Shop is the place to head out to.
  • A Chettinad specialty the Kannava Pepper Fry is a seafood preparation using thick and sumptuous fish cut marinated in peppered broth and sauces and steamed to taste perfect. The dish can be tried out at Appachi Chettinad
  • Moussaka is a Greek cuisine made with deep-fried potatoes and eggplant served with sautéed vegetables, steamed rice, and red wine which is a must-try at Satsanga.
  • The pesto chicken pizza is something that you cannot resist at the New Farm Fresh
  • Spinach crepe with a twist is what is served at Les Alizes, which is made customized with set ingredients and with a creamy mushroom topping.
  • When in South India, you definitely cannot miss trying out paper dosa at Surguru
  • Head to the famous street food joint and try out the mushroom bondas made with mashed potatoes, green peas, and sautéed mushroom stuffing.
  • The East Asian dish, Chicken Satay is an amalgamation of Indonesian, Malaysian, and Indian food served at Bay of Buddha.
  • For a finger-licking crab masala fry the House Of Seafood is where you should head to.
  • Keema parathas at the Hotel Rolex and Indian Enchilada at Kasha Ki Aasha are also not to be missed.
  • Prepared in an oven, the buckwheat Crepes at Crepe in Touch is appetizing too.

If it is a street food that you are craving for then try these:

  • Samosa in South Boulevard
  • Pani pure at Lal bahadur Shastri Street
  • Masala puri on Lenin street
  • Sandwiches at Dhool
  • Mutton roll-on Mission Street
  • Crab fry masala at the Rangapillai Road

These are the dishes that you should definitely savor when in Pondicherry.

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