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Are you planning a visit to the Ghatshila?, if yes then here in this travel guide for Ghatshila where you will find everything you should know before visiting the place.

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Ghatshila or Ghatsila is a town situated in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, in India. And it is just 45 Km away from the Jamshedpur (Tatanagar).

Ghatshila Jharkhand

The place is situated on the bank of the Subarnarekha River, surrounded by the forest and can be an attraction for the visitors of Kolkata or Jharkhand.

Here you can find various small streams, beautiful waterfalls, and various old religious places with a rich heritage and culture.

How To Reach Ghatshila?

By Train: Ghatshila has its own railway station named “Ghatshila”.

By Air: The nearest airport is the Ranchi, and from here Ghatshila is 147 KM away.

From Kolkata, the distance to Ghatshila is 240 KM.

From Jamshedpur, it is 45 KM.

Best Time To Visit The Ghatshila

The best months to visit the place is Feb and November because these months witness the most pleasant weather.

In summer the waterfalls and lakes may be dry; also the weather is very humid.

In winter the lakes are covered in the Fogg which can ruin the view the surrounding view.

Nearby Attractions To Ghatshila

• Phuldungri Hill

Distance: 6.2 KM

Phuldungri Hill is the number of hillocks, and the trekking route passes through the dense forests. From the top, you can get the beautiful aerial view of Ghatshila which looks incredibly beautiful, especially at night when the whole town is light up.

Burudih Dam

Distance: 11 KM

Every year on October the Binda Mela took place here. 

• Dimna Lake

Distance: 60 KM

The lake is located at the foothills of the Dalma mountain range, close to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. Popular for its serenity and pleasant greenery.

• Chandil Lake

Distance: 73 KM

Chandil Lake is located beside the Chandil dam.

• Dassam Fall

Distance: 154 KM

The waterfall is also known as Dassam Ghagh located near Taimara village in Ranchi district. 

• Rankini Mata Temple

Distance: 1.4 KM

This is a very ancient temple which is dedicated to Kali Mata and located in Jadugoda.

• Dharagiri Waterfalls

Distance: 15 KM

The waterfall is gifted with the incredible natural beauty and situated in between the dense forest.

• Ratmohona

Distance: 5.0 KM

Located on the bank of River Subarnarekha, best to get sunrises and sunsets view. 

• Panch Pandav

Distance: 5 km

Panch Pandav is the hill in Ghatshila and its history connected to the Five Pandavas Of Mahabharat.

Some Other Near By Location

  • Naroa Forest
  • Hindustan Copper Limited
  • Purna Pani
  • Mosaboni Mines
  • Jadugora
  • Surda Pahar
  • Moubhandar
  • Tumandungri
  • The River Subarnarekha
  • Kerukocha and Baba Bhairob 
  • Bibhuti Memorial Bhavan

Outdoor Activities Near Ghatshila

  • Do trekking to the Phuldungri hill 
  • Trek to the Dharagiri falls
  • Enjoy boating on Burudih Dam
  • Can do a picnic near Subernarekha river

Where To Stay In Ghatshila

You can find a good place to stay once you reach your destination or you can book your stay online.

Things You Should Consider While Visiting Ghatshila

  • Some places can be difficult to travel because of poor road condition
  • Please do not trough junks into the water-bodies
  • Please do not write anything on museums or monuments
  • If you are travelling with any local guide then it is recommended to buy them food

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