Best Pubs And Other Night Places To Enjoy Nightlife In Pondicherry

Pubs and nightlife joints are the culture of today’s millennials. Be it a regular day or a vacation, people do look out for a place to relax and sip a drink in the company of friends while seated in a great ambiance.

Best Pubs And Other Night Places To Enjoy Nightlife In Pondicherry

If in Pondicherry there are many places where you can head out in the evening hours and gulp down the exotic liquors and cocktails. Pondicherry is a place that epitomizes nightlife and thus if you are heading out to this Union Territory then we arm you with a list that will give you all the information about the best pubs here that play the best music and serve some wild cocktails.

  • Pub Zipper
  • Toxic
  • L’Aqua
  • Tantra
  • Bay Of Buddha
  • Poudou Poudou
  • Rendezvous
  • Le Club
  • The Storytellers’ Bar
  • Asian House
  • LB2 Lounge
  • Just White
  • DeBussy Bar & Restaurant
  • Ozone Bar
  • Dragon Lounge
  • Risque

Best Pubs And Other Night Places In Pondicherry

1. Pub Zipper 

The major activity in Pondicherry happens here at the Pub Zipper. You can choose to be seated at the quiet zone, the lounge zone, or the smoking zone depending on whom you are visiting the pub with and what is your mood.

The lounge zone is for those who enjoy loud music effect to party hard all night. This is also the best disco in Pondicherry.

The quiet zone is set amidst a serene environment where you can relax with your loved one or just spend some time in solitude with friends.

Pub Zipper tops the place as the best bar in Pondicherry drawing young as well as the middle-aged crowd to this place daily. The place is packed to its full capacity on all days. The pub also boasts of an open-air bar which offers an amazing feel.

Located on the Maraimangal Adigal Salai this is a place to head out to if you are someone who looks forward to a fun filled night.

2. Toxic

To enjoy the vibrant nightlife, head straight to Toxic. It is a rooftop bar where you can enjoy the cool breeze while you sip on your favorite drink.

The place is also well known to serve some of the most delectable seafood cuisines in Pondicherry. To top it all the view from the rooftop is mesmerizing.

Let the staff arrange for a smoky barbeque which indeed is a must-try here. A great place for a night out, the pop music that is played in the background pulls youngsters to this pub frequently.

The best part about this swanky nightlife joint in Pondicherry is that the prices here are reasonable. So enjoy the rooftop ambiance without burning a hole in your pocket when you head straight to Toxic located at Hotel Atithi in SV Patel Salai.

3. L’Aqua

A trendy lounge set in the middle of the urban territory, L’Aqua is a rooftop and sea-facing pub that gives you a clear view of the sea waves beating against the rocky Promenade beach.

The place offers the best beers and the finest wines. There is a rooftop pool as well which creates the perfect party flavor to enjoy music and drinks with friends and family. The place is ideal for youngsters and grownups.

The pub is located on the sea-facing Ajanta hotel and should be a part of your itinerary when visiting Pondicherry.

4. Tantra 

Tantra is a place where any North Indian is sure to freak out. Try out their specialty North Indian cuisines and the best range of liquor served in town. The place is exotic and ranks as one of the topmost nightlife joints in Pondicherry.

The pub has a European theme décor but the menu is tweaked to suit the Indian palate. There are many seafood and grill options that go well with a drink. The in-house DJ plays some foot-tapping music.

If this place seems to resonate with who you are then head to the Hotel Anandha Inn at the SV Patel Salai.

5. Bay of Buddha

The interiors of this pub are charming, which is the first thing that grabs your attention when you enter the Bay of Buddha. 

Overlooking the majestic sea this is a rooftop bar designed in a white canopy kind of an enclosure which gives a romantic aura to this place.

There are small lights in the shape of candles placed on the wooden tables. With an unobstructed view of the Bay of Bengal and the soothing sound of the waves in the backdrop, the place serves international cuisines and the finest liquor from across the world.

Located on the Promenade in White Town, this is the ideal place where you can spend the evening with family or friends.

6. Poudou Poudou

Looking for a place that serves cheap alcohol then Poudou Poudou is the place that you should check out. Quick snacks and pocket-friendly alcohol are what make this place famous. It is also the reason why you may find this place always crowded. So have a laid-back and relaxing time when you head to Poudou Poudou.

7. Rendezvous

Bang on in the heart of Pondicherry, Rendezvous is a popular spot for tourists. The place has a very romantic atmosphere. The nightlife may not be all that hep, but this is a little pub to have a quiet drink on a quiet night.

8. Le Club 

Le Club is an amalgamation of ambiance, drink, and food. On the outside of the French villa, Le Club serves an exquisite variety of beverages and cocktails which makes the experience here out of the world. Head to this pub and enjoy your favorite drink overlooking the sea amidst great company.

9. The Storytellers’ Bar

Are you craving to have cocktails with some lip-smacking seafood? Then Storytellers’ Bar is the place to be. Warm hospitality, live music, and good food make this place perfect to spend a lovely evening. Located on the Promenade at White Town, this is the pub to head out to for a relaxed time in Pondicherry.

10. Asian House

With mild music played in the background, Asian House is the place for youngsters and middle-aged people. The place serves many Asian cuisines and the bar serves amazing alcohol in a budget-friendly range. Located on Beach Road, the Asian House is an amazing hangout place in Pondicherry.

11. LB2 Lounge

Out of the world experience is what you get to feel when you head to this nightlife joint in Pondicherry. LB2 lounge is divided into three floors. The ground floor is for families and those who wish to enjoy a quiet drink.

The first floor and the rooftop have a DJ floor for someone who wants to dance and party all night long. The LB2 lounge is located at Labourdonnais Street in White Town.

12. Just White

The name of this pub in Pondicherry stands true to the ambiance that it creates for the visitors. Sparkling white from the floor to the ceiling, the furniture and the fixtures at the bar are decorated tastefully and are classy serving a range of champagne, cocktails, and international spirits. Match your drink with a huge menu of lip-savoring snacks to order.

13. DeBussy Bar & Restaurant

DeBussy is a cheap pub and a delight for those who visit this place. With a classic bar interior design furnished with old furniture and minimalistic décor the color and the ambiance makes you cheer up. Order from their drink menu and their traditional Indian seafood on the side.

14. Ozone Bar 

Classy interiors, amazing drinks and food are the highlight of the Ozone bar. The place is a laid-back pub serving some divine-tasting cuisines at dearth cheap rates. Head to Annai Salai Rooftop at Heritage town if you wish to reach this place.

15. Dragon Lounge 

This is not the traditional pub where you will get to listen to Indi-pop numbers. At Dragon Lounge you will get to hear trance and electronic music that completely gels with the culture of Pondicherry. 

Dragon Lounge is another of the rooftop bars neatly tucked in the small streets offering a laid-back atmosphere. You can see the beach from the rooftop and enjoy great food. The lounge is located in Laila’s County at Heritage town.

16. Risque

With an endless drinks menu, tasteful ambiance, and courteous staff, Risqué beckons you to spend some time with family and friends. The pub is conveniently located at Goubert Avenue in White Town.


The French colony gives you several party options either in the European or the Indian way. The pub and the beach culture make Pondicherry a vibrant place to enjoy nightlife.

Above is the list of the best pubs in Pondicherry that we feel demands attention. These are affordable even though they serve some of the best food and drinks. So when in Pondicherry, head straight to one of these pubs to experience an awesome nightlife and to party hard.

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