Triund Trek According To Months | From January To December

Triund is a very well-known trek near the Mcleodganj Dharamshala. Especially during the weekend, you will find a massive crowd here on Triund.

It’s possible to trek Triund throughout the year. I am going to tell you the conditions of the Triund according to the months.

1. Triund In Spring & Summer

This is one of the best periods to come to Triund as you don’t need to carry so much heavy winter clothes. There will be no snow on the trek to the Triund, so you can comfortably hike.

Till May, the snow gets melted from the higher points, so you can easily trek more further to the Triund.

Triund Trek According To Months

Triund In March

Till March, all of the snow will get melted from Triund and the path, so you can easily trek. During this period you don’t need to worry about sta, you will find many tents and food points around Triund. This is also the best time for overnight camping and enjoying a bonfire.

Triund In April

This is the best time in terms of favorable weather because the snow started melting even on the higher point, so during April, you can also trek furthermore from Triund.

During this period you just need a good warm winter jacket and a good raincoat.

Triund In May

This is the best time for the Trekkers because during this period you can easily trek till Indharhar pass and Moon Peak from Triund.

During this period you just need a good warm winter jacket and a good raincoat.

Triund In June

June is the last month before the Mansson in kangra District, so you can witness some ocaasional heavy rainfall.

It’s advisable to have good trekking shoes, a warm jacket, and a raincoat.

2. Triund During Monsoon

Monsoon is a good time to stay at one place and enjoy the view in the lower areas like Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, etc.

It will not be a good time to trek to Triund because of the heavy rainfall, which causes muddy and slippery treks.

During Monsoon, you can enjoy the view of the many waterfalls in the lower areas near Mcleodganj.

Triund In July

This is the monsoon period with heavy rainfall, which converts the treks into the mud, so it will not be easy for you to trek on the muddy route.

If you are doing any trek for the first time, I will not recommend not coming this time because rain will interrupt your journey at every step.

Triund In August

You will witness so much rainfall during August too, especially the first half of the month. This time the trek will be slippery and muddy.

The unpredictable rain can interrupt your planning anytime. So it will be best if you avoid coming to Triund during August.

3. Triund During Pre Winter

Pre Winter is the second-best time to come to Triund as there will not be frequent rainfalls, the days will be sunny and chilly nights.

The treks will not be muddy, so you can easily hike. In the last half of November, you can also witness occasional snowfall in the high altitude areas.

Triund In September

September is considered a good time to come here. You will find a slight dip in the temperature, especially during the nights. You can find many pre-established camps and food points on the Triund.

Triund In October

During October there are very few chances of rain. Days stay sunny, and night will be a little chilly. You can find many pre-established camps and food points on the Triund.

Triund In November

During this period, you can witness occasional snowfall, especially in the higher altitude areas like Triund. 

4. Triund During Winter

If you are going trekking in winter, then you should keep these things in mind,

  • You should have good trekking shoes because trekking in the snow will be very slippery. I am telling it with my experience, you can trek with regular shoes or sneakers during summer, but in winter you can’s a trek on snow with casual shoes.
  • Your trekking shoes should have waterproof or at least water-resistant. While trekking sometimes on snow, your regular trekking shoes can get wet, which is not good in those conditions. So buy a trekking shoes with waterproof or water-resistant feature
  • Carry a good raincoat
  • Bring all of the essential winter clothing.
  • Bring a good trekking stick, or get a solid wooden stick from the market, which will help you in trekking.
  • In summer, you will find pre-established tents and food pints on Triund, but you don’t know that they will be during winter too. So talk to a travel agent in the Mcleodganj for prebooking, or you can also prebook the forest guest house on the Triund.
  • Always listen to the advice of the locals.
  • Check the weather report; if the weather is not in favor, then postponed your trekking.

Triund In December

Yes, it’s possible to reach Triund during December month, but this is the winter time with heavy snowfall, especially in high altitude areas like Triund.

Triund In January

January is the peak winter month of the year, so you should be very careful while trekking this time, especially if you are a beginner. There will be heavy rainfall during this period.

Triund In February

From mid February, it will not be as cold as in December or January. Also, the snow starts melting in the lower altitude areas, and becomes easy to trek.

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