Best Cheapest Websites To Book Buses For Delhi To Kasol

Kasol is one of the most favorite places for the people of Delhi to spend some time nearby nature, far from city hustle-bustle.

Anyone can reach Kasol from Delhi by any medium of transportations Cars, buses, rails or flights. But the most convenient way to reach Kasol is by Bus. I have been to Kasol 4 times, and always choose Bus to travel.

Here I am going to tell you the cheapest websites to book Bus tickets from Delhi to Kasol. I am going to compare the prices of the top 10 best travel booking websites and will tell you the cheapest website to book your bus tickets for Kasol.

Cheapest Websites To Book Buses For Delhi To Kasol

My Favorite Way To Get Buses For Kasol

Don’t Book Online Instead Reach Majnu Ka Tila And Bargain.

Most of the buses of Manali and Kasol go from Majnu Ka Tila (Delhi). So directly go there before 8 to 9 pm, and you will find various buses for Kasol standing near the Petrol Pump waiting for passengers. Because of so much competition, you can bargain with them very easily. And one thing is for sure, that you get a bus at less price than online.

If you are the one who does budget traveling, then just ask the prices from two or three different bus services and wait for the time when they are ready to depart. 90% of the time, total seats don’t get booked. So during the departure, the bus owner will not do much bargaining and will be ready to give a ticket at your offered price.

Cheapest Websites To Book Tickets For Delhi To Kasol

Many people consider that buses are charging high prices because of their service, but you will be surprised to find that on the same Bus different people book tickets for different prices.

Be smart; here I am showing the list of websites in cheapest to the highest price order. 

How I Do The Research & Choose Cheapest Websites

Simply I pick the 10 best travel booking websites from Google and search for buses from Delhi To Kasol. Then I check for the prices on different websites for the similar kind of Bus with similar facilities for the same date.

I looked for 2X2 semi sleeper Ac Volvo buses and compared their prices on a different website.

Note: In the table i am showing the prices we found when we do our research. It may vary if you check now.

WebsiteBus TypePrices
Via.com2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo774
Ixigo2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo787
Makemytrip2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo799
Goibibo2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo799
RedBus2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo799
Paytm2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo999
Abhibus2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo1099
Yatra2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo2000
HPTDC2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo1600
HRTCHP2X2 Semi Sleeper Ac Valvo1689
Kasol To Delhi Buses Price Comparison On Different Websites

HPTDC and HRTCHP were only showing the option to book tickets for Delhi To Manali. But they drop the passenger of the Kasol at Buntar Bus Stop, and from there, Manali is around 50 Km. So even their prices are not justifiable in comparison to the other bus fares.

Why Are Prices Differ On Different Websites 

If you closely see the listing on the different websites, you will find most of them are the same bus services provider on different websites with different prices.

Sometimes a middle man listed a bus service after adding their commission.

Sometimes it is because of the website’s own commission. Some websites charge a commission from the service provider if anyone books a bus ticket from their platform. So what the service providers do, he/she add that commission on the main bus fare so this way he/she has not to compromise with his/her own profit.

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