How To Do Triund Trek In Budget | 5 Thing To Keep In Mind

I have been to Triund recently, and In this post, I am going to tell you some points which you should keep in mind to travel Triund in Budget.

How do I know all this? I am a traveler and have spent a few months here in Dharamshala, so I know this place.

1. You Don’t Need A Guide:

Whether you are making pre-booking or not, you don’t need any guide to reach Triund.

The trek is not confusing, and you will meet many peoples on the way, so if you get confused at any point, you can ask them.

If you go to a travel agency for pre-booking camps and food, they will tell you that you need a guide, and they will ask you to pay for the guide.

How To Do Triund Trek In Budget

But as I tell you that you don’t need any guide. So you can refuse for the guide; this way, you can save the guide’s charges.

There are two ways to reach Triund, one way goes from Gallu Devi, and the other goes from Bhagsu Nag Waterfall.

The Gallu Devi way is much comfortable than the Bhagsu Nag temple, so if you are going for any trek for the first time, then choose this route, and don’t pay any extra charges for the guide.

2. Bring Water Bottles In Advance

Water Bottles are one of the costliest things on Triund. One bottle of packaged water will cost you 50 to 60 rupees, and as there is no natural source of water on Triund, so you have to depend on the packaged water.

By carrying some of the water bottles in advance, you can cut down a little bit of extra cost.

3. Bring Snacks & Chocolate in Advance Too

Like water bottles, you have to pay more for snacks, cold drinks, chocolates, etc.

These things are not as heavy as water bottles, so you can easily bring these things with you, so you do not have to spend any extra money on these things.

You can buy these things at MRP from Mcleodganj or Dharamkot.

4. Don’t Pay Much For Camps & Food.

Pre-booking is not a bad option; just keep in mind that you don’t pay extra money.

I have been spent two days at Triund. The first day I pre-booked at camp and food, which cost me around 800, including lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

The second day I was my own, I went to a cafe on the Snow line where I pay around 600 for stay, dinner, breakfast, and lunch.

So if you are pre-booking, then don’t pay more than 800 to 900 for one night and two days, including stay and food. 

5. Stick With Homemade Simple Food

You will go for Triund from Mcleodganj, so you have to stay one night there.

You can find many Budget Dhabas in Macleodganj who serve simple homemade food.

Also, after reaching Triund, I will suggest you to stick with simple food instead of Maggi, Chips, cold drinks, etc.

One thali will cost you around 150 to 180, and they will serve you unlimited food.

6. Stay At Homestay Near Macleodganj

One day you have to stay at Mcleodganj, and If you are a budget traveler who loves to enjoy nature more than the luxuries hotels, then Homestay will be a better option.

You can find a good homestay near the Mcleodganj. Or You can also reach Naddi, which is just 4 Km from Macleodganj, here you can find budget homestays.

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