Is Kasol Safe For Girls Or Solo Travellers?

Are you traveling solo? Or traveling with your female group? And looking whether Kasol is safe or not for the female or solo traveler?

Kasol is completely safe for everyone, whether it’s male, female, or solo traveler. In my experience, Kasol is far safer than the big cities. But if you do some stupid act by yourself, then no place on this planet is safe. So, in short, if you don’t involve in any stupid act, then there is no need to worry. Kasol is completely safe.

I have been to Kasol many times, and I never faced any difficulty or trouble. I have only good memories of Kasol.

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Here Are The Few Things You Should Keep In Mind

1. Listen To Advice For Locals

The best part of the mountains is the local peoples; they are cooperative and kind. If you need any kind of suggestion or help, the best option will be to ask a local person. I have been traveling for years, and I always get the best advice from locals. That’s why whenever I go, I try to talk and spend time with the locals.

2. Don’t Trust Every Stranger

I am not saying strangers are dangerous but everywhere you find good and bad people. In Kasol you will meet many people who always look for girls, especially solo girls. So if you just met a person who is suggesting you something doubtful, I will recommend avoiding it, especially if you are alone.

3. Don’t To Blind On The Topic Of Party.

Kasol is famous for its parties, especially Kasol’s famous Rave parties. There is nothing wrong with doing parties in Kasol, but you should not be blind. If a person finds out that you are blind on the party’s topic, he/she can easily cheat you with money. So before paying anyone for the party, please be sure about it.

4. Be So Much Careful While Parting:

If you are doing parties in the Kasol, please avoid drugs, especially if you’re alone or a female group. Enjoy the party but avoid doing stupid things.

5. If You Get Into Any Trouble, Ask For Help To Locals:

If you get into any kind of trouble, please ask for help from the locals; I really trust the local peoples of Kasol. They are definitely going to help you.

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