A Complete Itternery For Triund & Snowline | Weekend Vs. 3 Day Common Itternery

I have been to the Triund recently, and it was a great experience. Triund is the best weekend trek which will just take 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on your hiking capabilities.

In this post, I am going to provide you detailed Itternery for the Triund and snowline (Ilaka)

Weekend Itternery For Triund

If you live in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, or any other neighboring cities, then you can easily cover the Triund during your weekend.

Itternery For Triund & Snowline

(Friday Evening):

Do one thing, take the bus to the Mcleodganj on Friday evening. The bus will drop you at Mcleodganj on a Saturday Morning.

Day 1 (Saturday):

I will suggest taking a good sleep on the bus if possible so this way you will be a little refreshed to trek to the Triund.

There are two ways to reach Triund one way from Gallu Devi Temple, and another way is from Bhagsu Nag Temple.

Gallu Devi route is a little more comfortable than the Bhagsu Nag Temple route, so I will suggest you take the Gallu Devi route.

Reach the Triund and spend one Night there.

Day 2 (Sunday):

If you want to trek more further, then you can go to Snowline from Triund, which is 3 to 4 Km from there.

Otherwise, you can trek down to Mcleodganj and explore it till evening.

In the evening you can take the bus to Wayback. This way, you will be in your hometown by Monday morning.

3 Day Common Itenary For Triund & Snowline

If you can manage 4 days, then you can explore Triund and its nearby places.

Day 1: Mcleodganj

Reach Mcleodganj and stay one Night there. There are many places in Mcleodganj worth exploring.

You can explore things nearby Mcleodganj in the daytime. In the evening, you can reach the Naddi Sunset point to enjoy the sunset. On the way, you can also see the Dal Lake of Mcleodganj.

Day 2: Triund

Start your trek for the Triund. There are two ways to reach Triund one way is from Gallu Devi Temple, and the other way is from Bhagsu Nag Temple.

Gallu Devi route is a little more comfortable than the Bhagsu Nag Temple route, so I will suggest you to take the Gallu Devi route.

Reach Triund and spend one Night there.

Day 3: Snowline & Laka Glacier

Wake up, get fresh, have your breakfast and start the trek for the Snowline, which is around 3 to 4 km from Triund.

You will reach the Snowline within 1 to 2 hours. Reach there and explore near places.

If you are doing your trek in the summer, then you will find no snow on the Triund. But you can find snow in the Snowline.

If you start your trek for Snowline in the Morning around 8 to 9, then you will reach there by 10 to 11.

You can explore Snowline till 1 pm to 2 Pm, then after, start trekking down for Mcleoganj.

You will be in the Mcleodganj in 2 to 3 hours.

Now you take the bus for your hometown the same day in the evening, or you can spend the Night in the Mcleodganj and take the bus for the way back in the Morning.

Where Can You Stay & Eat In Triund

  • You can pre-book a stay and food from Mcleodganj. The average price should be 800 to 1000 for 2 days, 1 night, including stay, lunch, dinner, and breakfast.
  • There are also one or two guest houses in Triund where you can book your stay after reaching there. There are some options for food too.
  • If you want to stay in Triund Snowline, then there are 2 to 3 cafes where you can stay and eat.

Things To Keep In Mind While Trekking Triund

  • There is no natural source of water on Triund, or on the way.
  • Carry some water bottle in advance, as on Triund you have to pay 50 to 60 for one water bottles
  • Also, carry snacks with you from Mcleodganj as you have to pay more than double the price for chips, chocolate, cold drinks, etc., on Triund.
  • There are no washrooms on Triund; you have to go for Toilet in the open. If you are pre-booking camp, then ask your travel agency for the portable Toilet.
  • You don’t need any guide to reach Triund, so if a travel agent asks to pay for a guide, then you can refuse. You can reach Triund by yourself.

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