Jari Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Jari is a small village of the Parvati Valley In Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as Mateura or Mateura Jari, and the village is situated around 1 KM away from the jari Market.

On the way from Buntar to Kasol, Jari is the only place with a big marketplace where you can find shops for your every need like general stores, clothing stores, Wine shops, restaurants, Dhabas etc.

If you are planning your trip to the Malana or Waichin valley, first you have to visit Jari, and from here you can trek to Malana and Waichin valley, or you can hire a private cab.

Jari Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide
Jari Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach Jari

Travel By Air: The nearest Airport is “Kullu Manali Airport” which is around 22 Km. The second nearest Airport is Kangra Airport, which is 91 kilometers. From the Airport, you can find private cabs directly for the jari. Or you can first reach Bhuntar, and from there you can find the public buses till jari.

By Road: The nearest bus stop is the Bhuntar. From here you can easily find local buses or private taxis for the jari.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, which is 116 Km from jari. From the Railway Station, you can find private cabs for the jari. Or you can first reach Bhuntar, and from there you can find the public buses for your furher journey.

Transportation In jari

Local Buses:

On the route of Parvati Valley, you can easily find public buses at a regular interval. Local buses are the best way to travel if you are looking for a cheap transportation.

Private or Shared Taxis:

Private or Shared Taxis are the most convenient way of transportation in the valley.

About the Jari Market

Jari has a small Market along with the “Bus Stop”. The Market has various ethnic and woolen clothing shops, normal Kirana stores, restaurants, and Dhaba. Here you can also find few Guest Houses to stay.

Jari Marketplace
Jari Market

About The Locals

The locals of Jari are very kind and friendly; you can talk to them about the village and surrounding areas. If you are looking for some good places to visit nearby then just ask them, they will tell you about the best places you should visit.

Best Time To Visit Jari

You can visit the Jari throughout the year, and in each season, it has its own unique beauty. 

Jari In Summer:

Summer attracts most of the tourists, along with the foreigners, because of the pleasant weather condition. During this time, the temperature will not be too hot during daytime, and not too cold at night. Summer is also the best time for the trekkers because most of the high altitude trekking routes get blocked due to the heavy rainfall in Winter.

Jari In Winter

If you are the one who loves frozen Winter and snow, then you should definitely visit jari in Winter. During wintertime, you can find jari surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

Jari In Monsoon:

In my suggestion, anyone should avoid visiting the jari in Mansson because rains increase the chances of land sliding, causes traffic jams, and trekking becomes impossible due to the heavy muds on the paths.

Where To Eat In Jari

I stayed in the Jari for two days, and I didn’t notice many cafes here. Mostly there are small restaurants where you can have Parathas, Chai, Maggie, in the morning. And at night, these restaurants offer simple foods, like chapati, rice, dal, kadhi, etc.

Things To Do In Jari

Walk To Parvati River: Take a walk to the Parvati River, sit there, and hear the mesmerizing sound of the river. If the weather is clear and the day is sunny, then you should definitely try this.

Things To Do In Jari
River Parvati

Enjoy The View: Hills stations are about good weather and beautiful landscape views. So do nothing and enjoy the beauty of Nature. It is recommended to choose a stay which has some good views of the surrounding area.

Trek To Malana: From jari Market, you can find private cabs for the Malana. or you can also walk the whole route if you want to enjoy the view on the way.

Way To Malana
Way To Malana

Visit Waichin Valley: If you decide to visit Malana Village, then please don’t forget to visit Waichin Valley. From Malana, it is just 4 KM which you can easily trek. The trekking route has some very beautiful landscape views to offer.

Places Near By Jari

The distance we mentioned here is not exact; instead it is an estimation according to Google Maps.

  • Malana (14 KM)
  • Waichin Valley (17.8)
  • Kasol (8.4 KM)
  • Chalal (11 KM)
  • Katangla (6.4 Km)
  • Rasol 
  • Grahan (17 KM)
  • Pulgi (18 Km)
  • Tunja (21 Km)
  • Choj (9.6 KM)
  • Manikaran (12.7 KM)
  • Barshaini (4.7 KM)
  • Kalga, Tulga, Pulga (26 KM)
  • Kheerganga (38 KM)
  • Tosh (28 KM)

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