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Kareri Lake is one of the seven highest lakes in the Dhauladhar ranges.

  • Nag Dal Lake
  • Lam Dal Lake
  • Kali Kund
  • Kareri Lake
  • Chanderkoop Lake or the Moon Lake
  • Sukh Dal
  • The Dam Ghodi Dal

Kareri lake is one of the easiest Lake to Trek among these seven Lakes; the Trek for Kareri Lake starts from the Kareri Village, which is around 15 to 20 Km from the Dharmshala.

It’s the freshwater Lake that uses the Dhauladhar range melting snow as a source. In winter, from December to April, the Lake stays frozen.

Kareri Lake trek is not as popular as Triund in the Mcleodganj, but trust me, if you love hiking, then you should definitely go for this Trek.

I have been to Kareri Lake, and in this post, I am going to share all of the required information with you.

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All of this information which I am sharing is from my personal experience as I have spent many days in the Kareri Village and Kareri lake, so you can trust this information.

Quick Information About Kareri Lake

  • Duration: 2 to 3 days
  • Best Seasons: May, June, Sept, and Oct
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Advance
  • Altitude: 2934 Meter/9625 Feet
  • Weather: Day will be sunny and night will be a little cold during the season
  • Temperature: (- 5°C to 18°C)
  • Starting Point: Kareri Village

How To Reach Kareri Lake

First, you have to reach the Mcleodganj from wherever you live in India. From Mcloeganj, you have to reach the Kareri Village from where the Trek for the Kareri Lake will start.

Mcleodganj To Kareri Village By Road

  • Kareri Village is well connected with the roads. After reaching Mcleodganj, you can start your journey to the Kareri Village.
  • You can book a cab from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj.
  • You can take the bus to Ghera Village from Dharamshala, from there you can take the shared cab (From Ghera there are very few cabs so you may have to wait).

Mcleodganj To Kareri Village By Hiking

  • The trekking distance from Mcleodganj to Kareri Village is around 14 to 15 Km.
  • Come to Naddi Village from Mcleodganj, from Naddi, Visit Trek for Ghera Village, and from Ghera Village trek for Kareri Village.
  • From Mcleodganj come to Dharamshala, from there take the Bus for Ghera Village, and from Ghera Village trek for the Kareri Village.

Kareri Village To Kareri lake

From the Kareri Village, the Lake is around 12 to 13 Km, and you have to hike all the way.

Itinerary For Kareri Lake 

Day 1: Kareri Village

After reaching Mcleodganj, it’s up to you that you want to spend one day in Mcleodganj, or want to reach the Kareri Village the same day.

As the Kareri VIllage is well connected with the road, so you can easily reach here from Mcleodganj.

You can enjoy till afternoon in the Mcleodganj, and at 2 or 3 in afternoon book the cab for the Kareri Village.

Tip: Visit Dharmshala from Mcleodganj; there, you can find shared cabs for the Kareri Village, which will be a little cheaper.

Where To Stay & Eat

There are no hotels in the Kareri Village, mostly homestays you will find. In my opinion, homestays are the best option to stay.

All of the homestays also serve food so you can eat there.

Day 2: Kareri Lake

On the second day, you can start your Trek for Kareri Lake, which is around 12 to 13 Km from the Village.

Where To Stay & Eat

You can rent a camp and other essentials for your stay from the Village. Or the best option will be to book a camping package from the Village. The camping package will include camp, lunch, dinner, and next-day breakfast.

If you are renting the camp from the Village and taking it by yourself, then there are some food points on Kareri Lake where you can eat.

You can contact this no: 8285880892 to book a homestay in Kareri.

Day 3: Kareri Lake To Kareri Village

Next Morning you can return to the Kareri Village, or you can also enjoy till afternoon on Kareri Lake and return in the Evening.

Quick Facts About Kareri Lake Trek

  • The first leg of the Trek will be Kareri Village to Rioti Village; then from there, you will trek till Kareri lake, which is around 4.5 KM.
  • There is no option to stay on Kareri Lake, whether you can camp nearby or come back to Rioti Village, which is around 4.5 KM.
  • If you want to camp nearby the Lake, then you have to arrange all of the essentials.
  • If the weather is not in your favor, then postponed your Trek
  • Carry one or two good winter wears for the night
  • Keep a water bottle with you, and keep yourself hydrated during Trek
  • You must have good trekking shoes
  • There are no toilets so bring toilet paper with you for better hygiene.

Best Time To Come For Kareri Lake


Summer after April is the best time to come for Kareri Lake Trek as, during this period, you will meet many fellow travelers on the way.

During this period, all of the Snow will get meted from the higher altitude so you can easily trek.


I will not recommend coming for trekking during this period; due to heavy rainfall, the Trek will be muddy and slippery.

Also, you can’t trek while raining, which means you don’t know when the rain will interrupt your journey. So it will be best if you don’t come during the monsoon.


You can do this Trek In the beginning months of Winter (Sep-Oct). During this period, the valley does not witness any heavy snowfall; there will be just a slight dip in the temperature during the night.

Yes, it’s possible to trek this Lake even in the peak winter seasons, but you can’t camp near Kareri Lake. You have to return to Rioti village to spend the night.

Things To Do Around Kareri Lake


Camping near Kareri lake is recommended. Due to coldness in the night, it can be a little uncomfortable, but trekking is about testing your limits, and trying some thrilling things.

You can book camps from the Village, so you don’t need to carry extra luggage with you. If you are coming with your tents then yes you can place your camp in nearby the Lake.


Bonfire outside your tent with your friends and family is an amazing experience. You can ask your camp provider to arrange a bonfire for you.

Sunset And Sunrise

Enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the higher ground. Just trek to the higher ground near the Lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise view.

Trek Further

If you love hiking, then you can avoid returning to the Kareri Village in the Morning. Enjoy the further hike from Kareri Lake till afternoon, and return in the Evening.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Kareri Lake Located?

It’s located near Mcleodganj Dharamshala in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Kareri lake is one of the seven highest lakes of the Dhauladhar Range.

Is it possible to trek Kareri lake at the end of February? Where can I get tents?

Yes, it’s possible to trek the Lake at the end of February, but maybe it will not be possible to camp near the Lake because of the Snow. You have to return to the Rioti Village to spend the night. You can book the tent from the Rioti Village or Kareri Village. 

Is it safe to trek to Kareri Lake in a monsoon?

I will not recommend going for the Trekking during Manson,
Due to the rain, the Trek will become muddy and slippery
While raining, you can’t trek
During Mansoon, there can be landslide because of the wet soil

Can You Go For Kareri Lake Trek By Yourself Or Need Guide?

If you are an experienced trekker and know how to look for the right trails in the mountains, then yes, you can do this Trek by yourself. Even you will meet many locals and travelers on the way. But if you are never done any trekking, then it will be better to get a guide.

How do I book a trek to Kareri Lake with a trained guide?

Who will be the better guide than the locals who spend their lives there? Just come to the Kareri Village, here you can book your camp and guide.

Which place can you go for snow trekking in the first week of November?

You can come to the Kareri Lake trekking. In the beginning days of November, the higher altitude areas like Kareri Lake get snowfall.

Do I need to take camping equipment for a Kareri trek?

Yes, as there is no place to stay in the Lake, so you have to book or carry camping equipment if you want to spend the night here

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