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Kareri is a small village near Mcleodganj in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh which serves as basecamp for the Kareri Lake trek which is one of the seven highest lakes in the Dhauladhar Ranges.

Kareri Lake trek is very famous near Mcleodganj that’s why people came here to the village. But Kareri Village itself is very beautiful, there are dense forests of deodar trees, rivers, birds, all kinds of flowers and alot more.

In my opinion it’s the best place to spend a few days in peace in between the true nature. Mcleodganj and all nearby lower altitude places are nowadays slowly getting commercialized, and good to enjoy in cafes or luxury hotels. But if you are looking for a place surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty then you should definitely visit the Kareri Village. 

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All of this information which I am sharing is from my personal experience as I have spent many days in the Kareri Village, so you can trust this information.

Kareri Village Itinerary

Quick Information About Kareri Village

  • Best Seasons: May, June, Sept, and Oct
  • Weather: Day will be sunny and night will be a little cold during the season
  • How To Reach: Take A Shared/personal cab from Dharamshala

How To Reach Kareri Village

First, you have to reach the Mcleodganj from wherever you live in India. From Mcloeganj, you can take the cab for the Kareri Village.

Mcleodganj To Kareri Village By Road

As Kareri Village is connected with the road so you take the cab for the here from the Mcleodganj or dharamshala.

  • You can book a cab from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj.
  • Or you can take the bus to Ghera Village from Dharamshala, from there you can take the shared cab (From Ghera there are very few cabs so you may have to wait).

Mcleodganj To Kareri Village By Hiking

The trekking distance from Mcleodganj to Kareri Village is around 14 to 15 Km.

  • Come to Naddi Village from Mcleodganj, from Naddi, Visit Trek for Ghera Village, and from Ghera Village trek for Kareri Village.
  • Or from Mcleodganj come to Dharamshala, from there take the Bus for Ghera Village, and from Ghera Village trek for the Kareri Village.
Kareri Village Campsite
Kareri Village Campsite

Itinerary For Kareri Village

Day 1:

After reaching the Mcleodganj, you can take the cab for the Kareri Village. Or you can visit Dharamshala from Mcleodganj because in Dharamshala you can find shared cabs for the Kareri.

Where To Stay & Eat

  • There are mostly homestays, there are no hotels. You can find all kinds of homestays in the Kareri Village as per your budget.
  • I know a few good places to stay in the Kareri Village as I spent one month there. You can call me 8285880892
  • All of the homestays serve food too, so you can eat there.

Day 2:

You can move around the village one day, there is a river nearby you can go there. Other than that i will suggest you to just be in nature, enjoy some good homemade food, and chill.

Day 3:

Most of the people come here in the Kareri Village for the Kareri lake trekking, so if you too like trekking then you can go for the Kareri lake trekking.

There is not much in the village to do, or see. This place is best if you want to spend few days away from your busy life in between the nature.

Best Time To Come For Kareri Lake


Summer is the best time to come especially if you like in the cities like Delhi or Chandigarh where the weather is so hot . In summer here in the Kareri the day will be sunny with no humidity and night will be a little chilly.

During the summer you can also easily move around the village, or go for the Kareri Lake Trekking.


Monsoon is also a good option, as during this period you can see a lot of waterfalls in and around the village. But the monsoon is not good in terms of hiking, or freely moving around the village.

Post Monsoon

This is also a popular time to visit here, during this period there will be little more than average cold. During this period you can freely go for hiking, or roaming around.

Winter Peak

In my opinion this is the best and most comfortable place near Mcleodganj, Dharamshala to enjoy snowfall. As there are so many proper built homestays where you can stay comfortable and enjoy the snowfall. Because the village is located the high altitude so it gets heavy snowfall.

Things To Do In Kareri Village


Yes there are many places in the village where you can do camping. There is also a place near the river where you can enjoy riverside camping.

Bonfire & Music

Kareri Village stay chilly in night throughout the year, so you can do bonfire weather you are living in the campsite or homestay. Just ask your stay provide to arrange for the Bonfire.

Visit the River

There is a river nearby the village, you can go there. Sitting beside the river during the sunrise and sunset is really a good experience.


There are many options for the Trek in the Kareri Village such as Kareri Village and there are six more treks which you can trek further from the Kareri Lake.

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