What Is The Snowtime In Kasol (Parvati Valley) | Kasol In Winter

October To February is the wintertime in Kasol. But not all the winter months get snow. The main snow season in Kasol starts from Mid-December to January. So if you want to enjoy the Soft Snowflakes Fall in Kasol, then come here from December To January.

Is Kasol Best To Enjoy Snow?

I have been to Kasol many times, and to be honest, the main Kasol isn’t a perfect location to enjoy the snowfall. Kasol is situated at lower altitude, so it doesn’t get much snowfall in comparison to the other Parvati Valley villages like Tosh, Kalga, Waichin Valley, Grahan, etc.

What Is The Snowtime In Kasol
Kasol During December

So trust me, if you really want to enjoy the snowfall, then visit other high altitude villages of Parvati Valley near the Kasol.

Best Places In Parvati Valley (Near Kasol) To Enjoy Snowfall

Grahan & Pulgi

From Kasol Grahan is around 8 km of the trek passes through forest, river Parvati, and sleep climbing. Grahan and Pulgi are the two neighboring villages in the Parvati valley region and witness heavy snowfall.

As a result, the whole village gets covered in white snow and looks really beautiful. From the way from Kasol, first, you will encounter the village Grahan, and Pulgi is around 1 Km further from there. In my option, Pulgi is much more beautiful and convenient to stay. 

Grahan Villege
Grahan Village
Pulgi Himachal Pradesh

There are mostly homestays in Grahan and Pulgi where they offer you both stay and food.

There is one more reason you should come here in the Winter. There are three waterfalls, one after another in Grahan. The third waterfall is really big with a small pond. You should definitely visit here if you are coming here.

Waterfall In Grahan Village During Wintertime
Waterfall In Grahan During Wintertime


Kalga is one of my favorite locations as you do not need to hike much like Grahan to reach here. It is a small village with beautiful hippy cafes. It is a favorite location of artists, backpackers, and long-term travelers.

Kalga Parvati Valley
Kalga In Winter

Because of the high altitude, this place too witnesses Heavy Snowfall. After the snowfall, you will find nothing, just white snow all around the village.

Also, in comparison to the Kasol, it is much cheaper and beautiful. 


Pulga is a neighboring village of Kalga and just a few kilometers away. You can easily trek here from Kalga. During the Winter, some part of the trekking route between Kalga and Pulga gets completely covered in the snow.

Pulga Himachal
Pulga Fairy Forest

Nearby the Pulga village, there is Fairy Forest, which is a deep forest of deodar trees. You can trek there, and on the way, you will encounter some beautiful small waterfalls and trails.


Tosh is situated just 4 Km away from Kalga Village and another beautiful location of the Parvati Valley, which gets heavy snow. To reach here, you have to trek 3 Km from the Barshaini. The Tosh village is surrounded by some famous mountain peaks such as Papasura, White Sail, Angduri, Pinnacle, and Devachan.

Tosh Near Kasol

Waichin Valley

Reaching Waichin Valley from Kasol can be a little tricky for you, but if time isn’t the boundation for you, then you should definitely go to this place in the wintertime. This beautiful valley is situated at an altitude of 2700m, from where you can have a clear look at Animal Pass, Tiger Mouth Peak, and Khiksa Thaj Glacier.

Reaching this place can be a little difficult for you in the snowtime, as the trekking route gets completely covered in snow. And sometimes, the heavy snow completely blocks the way. So it’s is recommended to ask any local about the situation of snow on the way to Waichin Valley before heading toward it.

Read My detailed Travel Guide For Waichin Valley

Things You Should Consider Before Coming Kasol In Winter

Carry Solid Winter Clothing: As I said, the high altitude villages of Parvati valley witness heavy snowfall, which drops down the temperature below minus in the night. So carry some good winter clothing with you.

Bring Trekking Shoes: Trekking in Winter on the snow is very different than trekking on solid and stony land. Due to the snow, treks get very slippery, especially steep climbing, or coming down becomes very dangerous if you are not wearing good trekking shoes. The normal shoes, special sneakers, or casual shoes don’t make a good grip on the ice. So it is recommended to wear trekking shoes while trekking on ice.

Ask The Locals & Other Travellers: if there is recent snow, then you should first ask the locals and other travelers about the situation of snow on the path before making any plan for trekking. When the sun rises after the snow, it starts melting snow, and the trekking route gets too much slippery. Also, sometimes in the higher areas, snow completely blocks the way. So if there is recent snow, then first ask others about the situation.

Bring Basic Mediations: It is recommended to bring some basic mediation of fever, cold, headache, etc., especially if you are not habitual with the extreme winter weather condition. In the high altitude villages there are no medical facilities, so carrying some basic meditations can be helpful for you in those conditions.

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