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In this post in am going to guide you about the Kasol, i am going to share every information anyone could need while visiting Kasol.

Kasol is a beautiful destination located in the Parvati Valley on the bank of the Parvati River. It is one of the most popular tourist locations for the peoples of Delhi and Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, Kasol is just 279 Km and famous for Camping, Trekking, and Partying.

The place is inspired by the hippie culture, and a favorite location of Israelis, Russians, and peoples from few eastern European countries.

Kasol is also a treasure for the Trekkers; from here, you can go to the trek for the Kheerganga, Grahan Village, Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, and many more others.

What Is The Snowtime In Kasol

Nowadays, Kasol is one of the most visited locations in the Kulu District of Himachal Pradesh, but it was not like this from the beginning. Previously Kasol was mostly visited by the foreigners only; they came here in search of peace, Malana Cream, and Hash. Still today, you will find many foreigners who are living in the Parvati valley for a very long time, like their home.

Previously very few knew about this place, but with the hype of the internet, this place got much popularity, and became popular among people of nearby cities.

Not just nature, the place is also filled with all of the necessities like cafes, bakeries, restaurants, normal Kirana stores, street foods, etc. many cafes and restaurants also offer Israliees and other countries Food.

Kasol is also good to know about different cultures and lifestyles. As we said, this place is the hub of Foreign tourists, and most of them are very good in nature, and friendly. Anyone can easily interact and discuss their culture and way of life.

Kasol As Mini Israel

Kasol is also known as Mini Israel; if you come here in the Summer, the place is filled with Israelis and foreign tourists from other countries. One of the reasons that Israelis and other foreigners like this place, because of the easy availability of Malana Cream and good quality Hash without so much restrictions.

How To Reach Kasol

  • Nearest Airport: Kullu Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Kasol Bus Stop

– From the Airport or Railway Station, you can easily find direct cabs for the Kasol.

– Or you can come to the Buntar Bus Stop from the Airport or Railway Station to catch the public bus for the Kasol.

– To commute in Kasol to different locations, you can find private taxis or public buses.

Best Time To Visit Kasol

You can visit Kasol anytime in the year except for Monsoon. During the Monsoon, the place witnesses huge rain, which makes it impossible to roam around the place and enjoy the journey.

Summer and spring attract most of the tourists, especially for the peoples of cities like Delhi with the extremely hot weather.

After Summer, winter is the best time to visit Kasol.

Where To Stay In Kasol

Kasol is blessed with Natural beauty along with all of the necessities which anyone requires. In Kasol, you can find all kinds of stay, Camps, Guest Houses, Cafes, Homestays, nearby villages.

Anyone can easily find a stay in their budget. From normal stay to luxury hotels, Kasol has everything to offer. 

You can easily book your stay online, or can look for a stay after reaching here.

Where To Eat In Kasol

Kasol offers every variety of Food for every budget. You can find here bakeries, cafes, restaurants, Dhabas, street food, Homefood, tea stalls, etc.

In comparison to the other place of Parti Vallely, Kasol is the only place that offers all Kinds of Food.

Thing To Do In Kasol

Chalal Bridge

On the River Parvati, there is Bridge that connects the Kasol to the way for Chalal village. From the Bridge, you can see the River Parvati flowing through the valley. Also, view of the Parvati River from the River is unexplainable.

Sit On Rock Side Of Parvati River

On the side of the Parvati river, there are big rocks; anyone can sit on those rocks and enjoy the view and listen to the mesmerizing sound of the Parvati River. Also, this spot is best for sunset and sunrise views.

Take A Bath On Hot Spring

Just beside the Chalala bridge, there’s a Man-Made hot spring where you can take a bath. For the locals and nearby peoples, this is a common spot for taking bath or cleaning clothes.

Take A Walk To Chalal Forest Area

After crossing the Chalal Bridge, if you continue the path, it will take you to the Chalal forest area, besides the River Parvati.

Visit Kasol Marketplace

There is a marketplace in Kasol where you can shop hippie clothes, necklaces, hand bands, rings, etc.

Trek To Nearby Places

You also trek to a nearby place like Challa village, Rasol, Choj etc.

Get Some Good Food

Kasol is the best place to have some good food inside the Parvati valley. Here you can taste every variety of Food.

Place To Visit Nearby The Kasol

  • Malana (14 KM)
  • Waichin Valley (17.8)
  • Chalal (11 KM)
  • Katangla (6.4 Km)
  • Rasol 
  • Grahan (17 KM)
  • Pulgi (18 Km)
  • Tunja (21 Km)
  • Choj (9.6 KM)
  • Manikaran (12.7 KM)
  • Barshaini (4.7 KM)
  • Kalga, Tulga, Pulga (26 KM)
  • Kheerganga (38 KM)
  • Tosh (28 KM)

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