Mcleodganj Vs. Dalhousie? Which Is Better Place To Visit?

Mcleodganj and Dalhousie both are really beautiful, and it’s a very common question which comes to our mind, that which place we should visit if we have to choose any of them.

Mcleodganj Vs. Dalhousie

In reality, there is no exact answer that which is better, Mcleodganj Or Dalhousie? Both places are equally beautiful and worth exploring. But there are much more options of activities nearby the Mcleodganj in comparison; you can do trekking, shopping, sunset point, paragliding and much else.

So it’s up to you, if you are looking for different kinds of activities, then you should consider visiting Mcleodganj, but if you just want to spend a few days in peace then you can choose any of these two places.

Visit Both Mcleodganj And Dalhousie

If time is not the issue, then you can visit both places. From Mcleodganj, Dalhousie is just 124 Km, and both of the places are well connected with the roads, so you can easily commute between them. There are many public and government buses on this route.

What Will I Choose?

I will definitely choose Mcleodganj over the Dalhousie if I have to choose only one place. I have been to Mcleodganj, and there are lots of things to do, 

  • Trek to Triund
  • Trek To Kareri Lake
  • Trek To Indrahar pass
  • During the monsoon, there are many options for waterfalls
  • You can spend some day in peace in Kareri or Naddi Village
  • You can try paragliding
  • There are many cafes where you can chill and try some good food

At last, you have to choose; I will suggest first ask yourself what exactly you are expecting from your trip. Then check out the possible activities in both the places, and choose which suits your expectations best.

What Majority Is Saying?

I go through sites & communities like Quora, Indiamike, etc., most of the people shared that Mcleodganj is the best option, so if you are really confused, then I think you should go with the majority.

Some people also suggest visiting both places, but if there is the only choice, then they suggest visiting Mcleodganj.

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