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Best Time To Visit


Nearest Airport

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata

Nearest Railway Station

 Howrah Railway Station

Raichak is a small riverside town with ultra-urban and commercialized surroundings, which is just 50 km away from Kolkata’s city life. The Hooghly River is situated on the side of the beautiful village of Raichak.

If you live in Kolkata or visiting Kolkata, and want to bust its city life, then Raichak is a recommended spot for you. During the sunrise and sunset, you can experience the sight of the glistening river and rows of the country boat sailing down the river.

Along with a beautiful scenic view surrounding the river, you can also find ruined forts of the British and Dutch eras. So if you are the one who loved history and things connected to it, then this place has a lot to show you. 

The place is not even going to ditch the foody peoples. Raichak is a perfect place to taste some of the most famous Bengali cuisines. Here you can find numerous options for perfect dining and local street food to experience the taste of Bengal’s peoples. One of the most famous dishes which you can find here is the Hilsa Machli.

The most famous place of Raichak is the Radisson Fort, which was previously a fort built back in the colonial rule but now converted into a hotel, where you can enjoy food and explore the place even if you don’t stay here. 

Best Time To Visit The Raichak 

The place is good to visit between October and March when the place was experiencing a pleasant winter. During this time Nights are chilly, and Days are sunny. 

How To Reach Raichak 

  • By Air: Nearest Airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Howrah
  • By Road: From Kolkata, it is 50 KM 

You can easily find local transportation to Raichak from the airport or railway station.

Also, after reaching the Raichak, you can easily find cabs near the hotels to reach different destinations. 

Places To Visit In Raichak | Things To Do In Raichak

The F Fort

The F Fort, which is now also popular as Radisson Fort, was built back in colonial rule, and the main purpose of this Fort was to keep watch over River Hooghly. After independence, the Fort faced ignorance of authority and started getting in a state of total disorder. Later Radisson group decided to take over the place to convert it into a hotel where peoples could stay during their holiday as guests, or they can enjoy a meal and explore the place as a tourist.

The F Fort

Diamond Harbour 

It is situated off the southern coast of the Hoogly river, and here the Ganga joins the Bay of Bengal. Nearby you can also find an old fortress that owns its history back to Portuguese pirates.

Diamond Harbour 

Chingrihkali Fort

This Fort is situated on the Diamond Harbour, which was built by the Portuguese. The Fort is abandoned and ruined now, but it can give you a stunning site to see or catch on your camera.

Chingrihkali Fort

Ashram Of Ramakrishna Mission 

The Ashram is located near the Diamond Harbour, and local devotees have various faiths connected to the place. As a tourist, you can also enter the Ashram, see the temple, and even talk to the priest.

Ashram Of Ramakrishna Mission 


It is also situated near the Diamond Harbour, and popular for the local handicrafts market, and housing many manuscripts, figurines, and black stone images of many gods.


River Hoogly 

260 km long Hoogly River is also known as Bhagirathi-Hoogly and Kati-Ganga River, and it is the main source of water, seafood, and the lifeline of Howrah. Here at Diamond Harbour, the river merges to the Bay of Bengal. The place is a popular picnic location for the tourist and locals.

River Hoogly 


Gadira is Situated on the confluence of rivers Hooghly, Rupnarayan, and Damodar where you can enjoy popular Bengali foods. The place gets the best view during sunrise and sunset.

Light House At Diamond Harbour 

A couple of decades-old Lighthouse has been situated nearby the Fort, which guides the inbound ships on a dark night.

Other Places To Visit In Raichak

  • Garchumuk Deer Park (13.7 KM)
  • Mahishadal Rajbari (14.7)
  • City Center Haldia (18.2)
  • Gurusaday Museum (31.5)
  • Mystery Rooms (34.4)
  • Neeldeep Garden – Picnic Spot in & around Kolkata (35.6)
  • Sabarna Sangrahashala (35.8)
  • Loknath Temple (36.0)
  • Sundarban Jungle Life (36.2)
  • Chintamoni Kar Sangrahalay (37)

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