How Do I Become A Citizen Of Auroville & Its Community?

If you are fascinated by Auroville and want to become the citizen of Auroville, or just curious to know the procedure to be the citizen of Auroville. Then in this post i am going to tell all anybody need to known to become the part of Auroville.

To become an Aurovillian is not a decision that should be taken in haste. To come and live in Auroville is not easy when you have to leave behind your comfort zone, familiar surroundings, and most importantly your mindset.

How do I become a citizen of Auroville?

It is always recommended that you first come and visit the place and get to understand the society and only then commit to joining it. The vision of this township is completely new and different, and you should be prepared to take the plunge.

Auroville, however welcomes you and guides you in exploring what the township has to offer. Through introductory programs, the first month is where you will get to see the different communities and places and how the citizens here apply their commitment and understanding to the vision and the call of Auroville.

How to Become an Aurovillian?

If you are fine with the teachings and the lifestyle of Auroville, then there are ways to be a part of the community. You need to follow the regulations laid down to easily plug into this experimental town.

If you have already been to Auroville and are familiar with the working of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, then you understand what it means to dedicate your life to Auroville. In this case, you can start immediately.


To be accepted into the Auroville community, you want to start with the Newcomer process. This residential program is further divided into various categories.

Newcomers to an Aurovillian

The steps are as follows:

  • Contacting the Entry office
  • Meeting of the Entry board, the applicant, and the mentors
  • Informing the community and taking feedback
  • Beginning of the newcomer period
  • End of the newcomer period
  • Informing community and getting feedback
  • If accepted, become an Aurovillian

Child to an Aurovillian

The child needs to be over 18 years of age to be accepted as an Aurovillian. He or she needs to approach the Entry Service stating that he or she is ready to become an Aurovillian. An application form will be handed to the youth to fill and submit it.

“Returning Aurovillian” to an Auroville

Someone who was a former Aurovillian can also reach out to the Entry Service or the Entry Secretariat to fill the application form, and then the person can re-join the community as an Aurovillian after getting feedback from the Aurovillian committee.

Employee to an Aurovillian

Employees of the Auroville activity can also join Auroville. He or she will have to inform their employer and then contact the Entry Service, where the employee will have to follow the complete newcomer process with some modifications.

Friend of Auroville

If you are someone who has lived in the ashram and is connected with Auroville and also supports the community but is unable to commit full time and work here, then you can be a part of the Friend of Auroville program.

You need to send an email to the Entry Service with your background information and the work that you have done in Auroville, and the reasons and aspirations on why you wish to be a Friend of Auroville.

Spouse/Partner program

You can start to live in Auroville as a wife, partner, or husband of an Aurovillian through the Spouse/Partner program. The spouse or partner of the Aurovillian is someone who does not want to become an Aurovillian but wishes to engage in the Auroville activities and projects.


If you are associated with any Auroville business or project and are interested in this experiment, and wish to be engaged further, then you could join as an Associate.

Evolving as an Aurovillian

The above are the various categories through which you can become an Auroville citizen or be a part of this community. With time you can build a deep connection with this society.

Life changes and evolves here at Auroville, and if you are open to change and courageous to take over the challenges, then the experience indeed is enriching.

To work and live in Auroville, one needs to move away from the conventional systems of the society to enter into one that is not based on the social-economic system but more on the value of giving.

Here your desires and needs are secondary when it comes to working towards the primary objective, which is to work towards the collective good for one and all.

Reach out to [email protected] for all that you need to know to begin with this adventure.

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