9 Things To Do In Triund Except Trekking

Trekking is not the only thing which is famous about Triund; you can do a lot more. In this post, I will share with you some of the things you can do in Triund.

This post is going to be all about the Things To Do In Triund.

Thing To Do Around Triund

1. Camping

You can trek up and down Triund the same day, as it’s just 6 to 7 Km from Gallu Devi Temple. But I will suggest you stay one night at Triund, and do camping.

Camping is very famous in Triund, and if you never experience living in the camp, then you should definitely try this.

Things To Do In Triund

How Much Camping Will Cost:

The prices depend on the season, but it will not cost you more than 1000 to 1400 for 2 days and 1 night per person. This cost includes camping, lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

How To Book A Camp

Most of the travel agents in Mcleodganj and Dharamkot take bookings for the Triund Camping. You can also book camp after reaching Triund, but during the weekend, when there is so much crowd, you may face difficulty booking a camp. 

2. Bonfire

Doing a Bonfire at night with friends and family with some music is something which you will remember all of your life. Life is about creating moments, and doing Bonfire outside your camp allows you to enjoy some happy moments with your loving ones.

You do not need to pay anything extra for the Bonfire; just ask your camp provider to arrange a Bonfire.

3. Snowline | Ilaka Glacier

If you love hiking and exploring new places, then you don’t need to compromise with just Triund. You can Hike to Snowline (Ilaka Glacier), which is just 4 Km from Triund.

Why You Should Visit Snowline

  • During summer, you will find no snow on the Triund, but you will find Snow all around the Snowline.
  • The view of the Dhauladhar Range Mountains from the Snowline is much far more beautiful than Triund.
  • Snowline is not much far from Triund; it’s just around 4 Km of the hike.
  • If you start your hike for the Snowline in the early morning, then you can easily return to the Mcleodganj by evening.

Is There Any Place For Stay & Eat On Snowline

Yes, there are two to three cafes in Snowline where you can eat and stay.

4. Temple Near Snowline

I am someone who loves to hike in the mountains instead of just clicking pictures of myself. If you too want to explore more and more places, then you can visit the Temple near Snowline. it Will be around one & half a kilometer from Snowline. Locals go there for worship on some occasions. 

5. Lahesh Cave

Triund is a very normal trek in comparison to the other treks in Mcleodganj. If you are looking for a more thrilling experience than Triund, then I will recommend going to the Lahesh Cave.

It’s located between the Snowline and Indrahar Pass, and used as a base camp for the Indrahar pass. You can camp in the cave, but you have to bring all of the essentials with you.

How To Reach Here

Reach Snowline from Triund, and from Snowline, you can start your trek for the Lahesh Cave.

Things To Note

The total distance of Lahesh cave from the Triund is around 10 to 11 Km, so start your trek from the Triund in the early morning. Or you can camp one day on the Snowline, and next you can go to the Lahesh Cave.

6. Other Trek Further From Triund

Snowline and Lahesh cave are not the only treks further from the Triund. Check below all of the treks near Triund,

  • Snowline
  • Lahesh Cave
  • Indrahar Pass
  • Moon Peak
  • Nag Dal

Things To Visit Near Triund

If you came back from Triund and still have a few days left to travel, then there are so many things to explore.

7. Naddi Sunset Point

If you are a sunset lover, then you should definitely go there to enjoy the sunset view over a coffee or tea. At the sunset point, there are so many cafes where you can order something to eat or drink and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

How To Reach Here

From Mcleodganj Naddi Sunset point is just 4 Km, you can walk all the way, or book a cab. There are public bus services too on this route, but the bus will be timely, so you may have to wait a little longer.

8. Dal Lake

Do not be confused; I am not talking about the Dal Lake of Kashmir. There is a Dal Lake in the Mcleodganj too, which is just around 2 Km. I was there in summer, and Dal Lake was mostly dry, but if you are in Mcleodganj during Mansson then you should definetly visit Dal Lake.

How To Reach

On the way to the Naddi Sunset Point, you will cross the Dal Lake.

9. Mcleodganj

There are many things to explore in the main Mcleodganj too, especially if you are a love shopping and eating. There are so many shopping places, restaurants, cafes, etc.

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