Garh Panchkot | Thing To Do, Best Places To Stay, & Everything Else You Need To Know

Are you trying to find a peaceful and beautiful location in the West Bengal then you must visit the Garh Panchkot.  Specially if you are a person with interest in history, and things connected to ancient architecture then Garh Panchkot is the must-watch for you.

Here in this post we are going tell you everything you need to know before planning a trip to Garh Panchkot.

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‘Garh Panchkot situated in West Bengal, and it is an abandoned fort in Purulia district, located at the foothills of Panchet Hill, which dates back to probably the 90 AD.

It is located right by the Panchet Lake along the slopes of Panchet Hill. It has a hilly landscape and very calm surrounding to find peace and nostalgia.

Panchet Hill was ruled by the Singh Deo dynasty, and it fought the Bagri Attack in the 18th century, and as a result, it was destroyed and left destructed.

Garh Panchkot Travel Guide

Where To Stay In Garh Panchkot?

If you want to visit the Garh Panchkot, then you have to book a stay in Purulia distinct or nearby place.

Our recommendation will be to stay in Purulia to easily reach Garh Panchkot.

Distance between Purulia to Garh Panchkot is 57.8 KM (Approx 60 KM), which means around one and half hours of the ride.

Distance between Purulia to Garh Panchkot

From Kolkata, Garh Panchkot is around 250 KM approx, which means around 5 hours of the ride.

From Kolkata, Garh Panchkot is around 250 KM approx

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Outdoor Activities Which You Can Try Near Garh Panchkot

  • Boat Ride In Lake: Besides the Panchet Dam you can enjoy the boat riding, and can see the surrounding nature view.
  • Enjoy Surrounding Greenery: The fort area is surrounded by the beautiful greenery. If you are a nature person, then can enjoy it for hours.
  • Forest Walk: You can also visit the forest area
  • Can Talk With Local Peoples: if you are good at communicating and want to explore the history contented to the fort, then you can talk to the local peoples and ask them about the fort.

Garpanchkot Nearby Attractions

• The Panchet Hill

In Bengali, Panchet Hill is called Panchakot Pahar, and it is filled with forest area. From the top of the hill, you can get the best view of the entire area.

The Panchet Dam

From the Garh Panchkot, its distance is 15 KM.

The Panchet Dam is the part of Damodar valley river project, under this project total fours dams were made on the Damodar River, and The Panchet Dam was constructed at last. This place is good for the picnic with the family, or if you want to do fun with your friends.


From the Garh Panchkot, its distance is 59 Km.

Telkupi which is formally known as Tailakampi, It is a submerged location and an archaeological interest. While construction of the dams on the Damodar river the temples were submerged.

Some Other places

Best Time to Visit Garh Panchkot

The best time to visit the place is during the Rainy day and spring. Because the place is filled with the greeneries and forest, so during the rainy days the area looks much greener, and also you can see beautiful clouds above the hills which gives you a great landscape view.

During the spring season, the area is surrounded by the blossom of Palash trees, so the entire area looks colourful.

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