Waichin Valley (Magic Valley) Travel Guide | Everything You Need To Know

The beautiful Waichin Valley, which is also known as Magic Valley, is just 4 km of the trek from Malana Village. Many times people consider Waichin Valley and Magic Valley as separate places, but both are the name of the same place, which is located in Himachal Pradesh.

Waichin Valley is situated above the Village Malana and easily reachable by 4 KM of the trek. The entire Valley is really beautiful where you can witness snow-peaked mountains, waterfalls, pine & coniferous trees, and dense deodar forests.

This place has not just beautiful scenic view to offer; instead, it also has some incredible viewpoints. From here, you can have a clear look at Animal Pass, Tiger Mouth Peak, and Khiksa Thaj Glacier.

Waichin Valley is located at 2700 meters above sea level, and because of the high altitude Valley witness heavy snowfall. As the spring starts, deep red and pink rhododendron flowers start to grow beside the trail.

It is a part of the Parvati Valley Region, but in comparison to the other places of Region, this is less traveled and ignored by the common travelers.

You can also closely see the village life at that height. The Village has around 100 to 200 people, and If they need something, they have to trek down to the Jari to purchase things.

During the day, you will find women and men working on their farm, or going in the forest with a basket on their back to carry woods, and small children playing around the house.

There are few camping spots too, which gives you the chance to stay under the sky filled with stars. You can rent a tent, or place your own after the permission.

Who Should Come To Waichin Valley

It is a recommended place for trekkers. Especially in the Winter, the trek gets completely filled with snow and becomes impossible to trek for beginners.

The place is also favorable for the bird watchers; here, you can easily see Cheer Pheasant, Kaleej, and Koklas.

Waichin Valley is blessed with beautiful landscape views, waterfalls, and much more. So this place is a treasure for a photographer to have some beautiful pictures.

How To Reach Waichin Valley

  • Nearest Airport: Kullu Airport (40.5 KM)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar (134 KM)
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Buntar Bus Stop

Private Cabs: Take a direct cab or taxi from the Airport for the Jari. From here you have to take another taxi to the Waichin Valley. At last, you have to trek a little bit from the point where the taxi will drop you.

Public Transportation: To get public transportation you have to reach Bhuntar Bus Stop from Railway Station or Airport. From there, take a public bus for Jari. The bus is only available till jari, after reaching jari you have to take a private cab for Waichin Valley. At last, you have to trek a few distances from the point where the taxi will drop you.

Trekking Route: If you want to avoid private taxis and public transportation to enjoy the view on the way, then reach Jari from Buntar by bus or taxi. From there, you can reach Waichin Valley by yourself.

Things To Do In Waichin Valley

  • Visit the nearby waterfall
  • Do camping on campsite area
  • Bird watching
  • See and observe the village life
  • Take a walk to the Village and nearby area to have some beautiful pictures
  • Visit the forest area
  • Trek down to the famous Malana Village if you never been there

 Best Time To Visit Waichin Valley

You can visit waichin Valley throughout the year, and it has its own unique beauty in each season. Due to the high altitude, the place mainly remains cold, especially in winter trek gets covered with snow and the temperature usually remains below minus in the night.

The most comfortable time to visit is Summar and after the Monsoon till Winter begins.

Avoid visiting the place in Monsoon because of heavy rainfall; it will not be possible to freely visit the nearby places, and even the treks become very muddy.

Places To Visit Nearby Waichin Valley

  • Jari
  • Malana
  • Kasol
  • Chalal
  • Katangla
  • Rasol¬†
  • Grahan
  • Pulgi
  • Tunja
  • Choj
  • Manikaran
  • Barshaini
  • Kalga, Tulga, Pulga
  • Kheerganga
  • Tosh

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