Best Sunset & Sunrise Spots In Pondicherry For Nature Lovers

There is a different charm about sunrise and sunsets, and even though we may have seen it several times the experience keeps pulling us back to it over and over again.

In this article, let us explore some of the best sunrise and sunset spots in Pondicherry that mesmerizes one and all with the magical experience that it creates.

Best places to view the sunrise

1. Serenity beach 

True to its name, the Serenity beach lets you relax on its soft sand while you watch the spectacle of the morning sun over the horizon. Set your alarm to head to the Serenity beach well in time to appreciate this beautiful glory.

Serenity Beach

2. Promenade beach

The Promenade beach is crowded in the afternoons and evenings, but it is altogether a different view when you come here in the early mornings to view the sunrise. The views are picturesque and leave you spellbound.

Promenade Beach

You can either walk on the beach or choose to relax in one of the cafes to watch the sunrise. Yes, some cafes are open at this time as well. View the sunrise from open spaces and high cliffs, which indeed is a sight to behold.

3. Le café     

This is just the place on the Promenade beech that lets you view the sunrise as well as the sunset. The café is open 24/7 and offers an outdoor seating area.

Le Café

Trust me, you are going to witness an epic sunrise if you happen to get up early and grab a seat at the Le café. Witness the sunrise while you hold a hot cup of cappuccino in your hand. We bet you may have never asked for a better start to the day.

4. Paradise beach

The beach is usually not crowded as it is placed in a secluded area, but if you happen to visit it early in the morning, you may feel like you are on a private beach with the entire stretch to yourself.

Paradise Beach

Appreciate as the sun rises from the horizon, and with the clear blue waters in the backdrop, it is something that will transport you to a different world with its beauty.

5. Mahe Beach 

Mahe beach is lined with green and lush palm trees and its pristine shoreline. It is considered to be a virgin beach.

Mahe Beach

The place is ideal for viewing the sunrise and attracts photographers in the morning who wish to capture this stunning view on their frame. The beach is ideal for swimming but make sure to carry your water and food as there are no shacks close by.

Best places to view the sunset

1. Mahe beach

Mahe beach is the place that tops our list for sunrise as well as the best sunset views. Mahe beach is a location where you can also marvel at the sunset.

Mahe Beach

Pick up shells or just stroll on the sand. This secluded beach is sure to live up to your expectations. There are many nearby attractions that you can visit from the Mahe beach, like the Mahe river walkway and the Puthalam temple.

2. Quiet Beach 

If you are on a laid-back vacation, then the Quiet beach is just the place to head out to. True to its name, you get to experience serenity when you are here. The place is known to give you the best sunset views. Just stroll around and see this grandeur.

Quiet Beach

3. The Plage Paradiso Beach

This is again a beach that stands out for the best sunrise and sunset views. The atmosphere here is peaceful, and since it is in a secluded area, you will need a ferry to get here.

Listen to the soft sound of the waves, spend some time spotting rare migratory birds and capture them all in your frame when you click some of the best sunset pictures.

The Plage Paradiso Beach

4. Veerampattinam Beach 

Mesmerize your soul with the best sunset views at Veerampattinam Beach. The surreal waters of the ocean let you unwind.

Veerampattinam Beach

The beach is an offbeat location where you can live to the fullest, soaking yourself in the positive vibes that the atmosphere creates around you. The place is equally charming whether you want to go here to view the rising sun or the setting sun.


Here we have listed down some of the best sunrise and sunset destinations in Pondicherry. Spend some time with yourself in one of these locations to marvel at the beauty of nature and capture some of the best sunrise and sunset views of a lifetime.

Note: All of pictures used in this post is taken from the instagram and we don’t claim credit for these pictures. If this pics belong to you, and you want to remove it then please contact us.

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