Best Adventure Sports To Try In Pondicherry For An Adventure Lover

If you are an adventure freak always on the lookout for activities that can give you an adrenaline rush, then Pondicherry should find a place on your bucket list. The vibrant culture of this place attracts many youngsters to it, which also offers diverse adventure sports to keep them busy.

Here we list down the top adventure sports activities that Pondicherry is famous for.

Best Adventure Sports To Try In Pondicherry

1. Surfing

Not for the faint-hearted, surfing needs a lot of core muscle strength, balance, and endurance to master this sport. The sport challenges the forward waves riding over it. Surfing is a popular sport in Pondicherry.

If you are a newbie wanting to try surfing for the first time, then worry not because there are professional surf trainers who guide you with the basics and let you plunge into the sea.

Surfing in pondicherry

If you are a professional surfer, then there are many shops close to the beach from where you can rent the surf materials and begin riding the waves. Pondicherry has the right waves to go surfing, so if you wish to try out this activity, then head straight to Paradise Beach.

2. Scuba diving

Wondering how the world in the deep seas looks like? Or are you someone fascinated with marine life? Then scuba diving is the sport that you should try.

Scuba Diving in pondicherry

However, trust me when I tell you that this sport is not easy. You have professional graded schools with trainers who let you rent the equipment to explore the world beneath. It is an experience to see unique fish species swimming around you. The Temple Adventures Center is where you need to head to if you wish to try scuba diving.

3. Boating

Not in the mood for a high-grade adventure sport, then just indulge in boating in the calm waters of the Pondicherry seas.

Boating in pondicherry

There are paddle boats, motorboats as well as options to rove your boat. The motorboats zoom at high speed, letting you feel the air swishing past you. Chunnambar River is where you can go boating alone or with your family.

4. Kayaking 

Kayaking is thrilling, exciting, and also one of the oldest water sports. It is a famous recreational activity, and it feels so serene when the kayak wades through the water.

Kayaking in pondicherry

Suitable to enjoy both in the still and fast running waters, kayaking is perfect for spending some time riding over the water.

5. Paragliding 

Paragliding is picking up in popularity in the less crowded beaches of Pondicherry. One is tied to an inflated balloon which lifts the person in the air. It is usually done solo, but at times a trainer may fly along.

Paragliding in pondicherry

It is an experience to behold, especially when you get a 360-degree view of blue water all around you. Try paragliding at Paradise beach, which is conducted as per the weather conditions.

6. Paddle Boarding 

Paddle boarding is not something that you get to experience everywhere. You stand on an inflated paddle and rove it.

It boosts your adventure spirit and is picking up interest. You can try out paddleboarding in Paradise Beach.

7. Kite Surfing 

This new-age sport gives a little twist to the traditional form of surfing. When you surf, normally, you propel yourself forward with the help of the sea waves.

Kite Surfing in pondicherry

In kite surfing, you use the kite and make use of the wind. When done right, the sport is not dangerous but real fun. Again the Paradise Beach is where you head to try out this water sport.

8. Windsurfing 

As the name suggests, windsurfing is a sport where you use the wind to surf. You can do windsurfing in calm or rough waters. All that you need is the wind.

Windsurfing in pondicherry

This adventure sport needs a lot of skill and should be done only under the supervision of a trainer. You can learn the sport by enrolling in one of the training centers in Pondicherry. Try out windsurfing on Paradise beach.

9. Canoeing

An amazing water sport activity, canoeing lets you meander through the water. With an option to canoe in the challenging and calm waters, it makes canoeing highly interesting. Head straight to Karaikal beach to try out this sport.

10. Go Karting 

Not in the mood for some water sports, then go-karting could be your choice. Pondicherry has many go-karting tracks, and you can hire the track on an hourly basis.

Go Karting in pondicherry

There are many trainers all around, so even those who may not be a professional can try out go-karting at Pogoland.

11. Ziplining 

Zip high in the air when you go ziplining in Pondicherry. One ties himself to a structure that is chord like which stays fixed at a point.

Ziplining in pondicherry

With so many scenic and open places around Pondicherry, ziplining is super fun here. Try ziplining when in Pondicherry at the Thrill Valley.

12. Bungee Jumping 

Give yourself completely to the force of gravity when you fall from a height to the ground. There are some bungee jumping centers in Pondicherry, like in Pogoland, where you can try this extreme adventure sport a try.

Bungee Jumping in pondicherry

13. Hiking and rock climbing

Mahabalipuram is located close to Pondicherry and is a great place to go rock climbing and hiking. You can see for yourself that Pondicherry offers countless options for an adventure junkie.

Hiking And Rock Climbing in pondicherry


So visit Pondicherry not just to wander through the beauties of the French colony, relish on the lip-smacking bakeries and treats, or to visit the historical and religious sites but also to try out the plethora of adventure sports that the union territory has to offer to you.

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