Don’t Miss These Best Beach Resorts In Pondicherry

The French capital of India, Pondicherry, is a picture-perfect destination with its sun-kissed pristine beaches being the highlight of anyone’s Pondicherry tour.

And what better way to enjoy it than to book a stay in one of the best beachside resorts in Pondicherry. From a range of luxury to mid-range resorts, these homely accommodations do promise to rejuvenate and revitalize your soul, keeping you asking for more.

Here we have listed down the best beachside resorts in Pondicherry that are sure to keep you enchanted.

Windflower Resort And Spa Pondicherry

  • Windflower Resort And Spa Pondicherry
  • Le Pondy Resort
  • Ocean Spray Beach Resort
  • St James Court Beach Resort
  • Nalla Eco Beach Resort
  • The Ashok Beach Resort
  • Soorya Beach Resort
  • Prince Park Farmhouse
  • Sea View Resort
  • Olive De Villa Resort
  • Club Mahindra Resort
  • Purple Resort
  • Pondy Bay Resort
  • Villa Du Ocean
  • Beach View Resort
  • Kailash Beach Resort
  • The Promenade

1. Windflower Resort And Spa

The Windflower Resort And Spa is among the top choices for the best beach resorts in Pondicherry. It offers an unobstructed view of the beach and the backwaters.

It is close to the Serenity and the Paradise beach that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Witness the sunset or enjoy a romantic cruise on the beaches, relishing the moments when the soothing waves of the sea kiss your feet.

Windflower Resort And Spa

The hotel also offers many Ayurvedic spa treatments. What draws the maximum attention to this hotel is its delectable cuisine spread, especially its appetizing seafood at its lounge and in-house restaurant.

The Wildflower is a 4-star property. Pamper yourself at the suite which has a private pool and a private sit-out area. 

2. Le Pondy Resort 

Looking for a luxurious stay in Pondicherry overlooking the beach, then the Le Pondy Resort could be a great choice.

The resort is set in the middle of the Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal. Guests are attracted to the colonial architecture that blends with the modern-day luxuries when they stay at this property.

Le Pondy Resort

The highlight of this resort is its private beach. There are sea view and lake rooms, and premium pool villas that you can choose from.

Le Pondy is well known for its Ayurvedic spa packages. The property is in a 4-star category. The hotel staff can arrange for private dining at the gazebo. The Auroville beach is the closest beach to this property.

3. Ocean Spray Beach Resort

The Ocean Spray Beach Resort is located in a convenient location, perfect to unwind yourself in its freshness. It is a 5-star property for romantic couples, families, and solo backpackers, or those traveling with friends.

Ocean Spray Beach Resort

The romantic ones can spend time in the open-to-sky Jacuzzi. Another specialty of this hotel is its Wet bar named Bisous and the floating restaurant Lotosas.

The resort is close to the Kalapet beach, and the Guadeloupe Villa is the recommended suite here which is surrounded by water on its three sides.

4. St James Court Beach Resort

The 3-star property, St James Court, is a haven with its lush green coconut plantations all around you. The resort offers the perfect blend of comfort and Serenity.

St James Court Beach Resort

The resort is on the Auroville beach, and all that you need to do is to step out and walk on the sandy beach or sit under the palm tree shade whiling away your time while listening to the sound of the waves. The beachfront has an open-air restaurant which is its specialty.

5. Nalla Eco Beach Resort   

The majestic ocean and the coconut tree around you are what draw you first when you enter the Nalla Eco Beach Resort. Located on the Coromandel Coast, you get an unparalleled view of the ocean from your room.

Nalla Eco Beach Resort

The scenic accommodation also offers a restaurant, sea view bar, and waterfront private dining, which is an added feather to the cap of what this property has to offer.

The 3- star property is economical, which makes it a complete value for money stay. The nearest beach to this property is Kalapet beach. You may want to try out the wine tasting session when you stay here.

6. The Ashok Beach Resort 

The Ashok Beach Resort is a subtle resort offering spectacular views of the Kalapet beach and lush greenery all around. Just spend time soaking in the sunshine or feeling the sea breeze caressing you while you give your palate a treat trying out the sumptuous food that is served here.

The Ashok Beach Resort

The resort also offers aromatherapy and beach volleyball for those interested. The Auroville and the Kalapet beach are close to the property. For an amazing sea view, choose to stay in the boutique rooms or the bamboo cottage.

7. Soorya Beach Resort 

Located in a secluded area on the Periya Mudaliar Chavadi, which is close to Auroville, the Soorya Beach resort is the perfect place if you wish to spend some time in solitude.

Soorya Beach Resort

The sea waves from this resort look alluring. The property boasts of a swimming pool and lets you choose the stay options from the family suites and the eco huts.

The resort is a 2-star property ideal for travelers, and it is close to the Pondicherry beach. You can enjoy massage therapy here.

8. Prince Park Farmhouse

If you wish to escape to a place that is peaceful and lets you completely rejuvenate yourself, then book your stay here. The property offers thatched-roof cottages and is very serene.

Prince Park Farmhouse

The resort is filled with greenery, which is a treat to your eyes. The property is close to the Auroville beach, which is just a few kilometers away. The beach resort is a 3-star property.

You can enjoy yourself in the Jacuzzi and swimming pool or also attend the yoga and cooking classes. Wish to pamper yourself, then choose to book the bungalow.

9. Sea View Resort

Located close to the Serenity beach, Sea View Resort is the best beach resort in Pondicherry. The resort is perfect for budget backpackers and is an ideal location for all.

The property offers ultimate comfort amidst natural beauty. It is a budget property with a sea view and is near the Rock beach.

Sea View Resort

10. Olive De Villa Resort

The Olive De Villa Resort is a delight for those who wish to stay in the experimental township of Auroville. The property is close to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Matri temple, and the beautiful beach. The resort is a 3-star property and offers BBQ, swimming, Wi-Fi, and bicycle rental to its guests.

11. Club Mahindra Resort

The Club Mahindra Resort is situated at the edge of the beach and is spread across 24 acres of land. It has a breath-taking view with panoramic landscapes and with a sea view. It is a 4-star property which is sure to fill you up with many experiences when you stay here. 

Club Mahindra Resort

12. Purple Resort

The Purple Resort is close to various tourist destinations and is located in the city. Experience the warm hospitality here when you pamper yourself in complete luxury.

Purple Resort

The property is the best choice for a perfect vacation. The garden restaurant at this 3-star property is well sought of as you can savor some amazing international cuisines here. Also, choose a massage from their spa menu, and you will not be disappointed.

13. Pondy Bay Resort

The Pondy Bay Resort is an alluring sight with its antique furniture that transports you to the colonial era. The property is located in Veerampattinam and has the scenic Bay of Bengal backwaters in the background. The property is located close to Paradise Beach.

14. Villa Du Ocean 

Villa Du Ocean gives you an unobstructed view of the Rocky or the Promenade beach. The hotel has many spacious and beautifully painted rooms, and its vintage-styled interiors feel elegant. The property is near most of the popular attractions of Pondicherry.

Pondy Bay Resort

15. Beach View Resort

The Beach View Resort is perfect for those who wish to get the best but on a budget. The hotel is close to Auroville and the Serenity beach. It is a unique resort that has cottages and treehouses with roofs made of bamboos and coconut leaves. 

Beach View Resort

16. Kailash Beach Resort

The Kailash beach resort is located in Padikuppam and offers a mesmerizing view of the Bay and Bengal and the Coromandel Coast. The resort exudes the Tamil culture in its architecture. 

Kailash Beach Resort

17. The Promenade

The Promenade is a boutique hotel that overlooks the stunning Bay of Bengal. The staff here is very courteous, and the place enthralls visitors with its luxury and charm. The peaceful ambiance is binding and is the perfect escape for all. The resort is close to the Promenade beach.

The Promenade


For the best stay in Pondicherry these are some of the handpicked beach resorts in Pondicherry that you can choose from. The above hotel list caters to luxury as well as budget travelers, so you can choose to stay in the one that suits your preference and expense. Make sure to book your stay well in advance, especially when traveling to Pondicherry in the peak season, as the beach hotels in Pondicherry are usually booked first.

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