Cafes In Pondicherry | 19 Best cafes In Pondicherry You Should Definitely Visit

Pondicherry, Puducherry, or Pondy draws tourists from far and near to its French architecture, sun-kissed beaches, neat and clean streets, its temples and churches, and last but not the least to its lip-smacking food. If savoring gourmet food is what delights you, then Pondicherry is just the place for you.

Cafes In Pondicherry

A foodies paradise, here is the list of the top cafes in Pondicherry that you should definitely plan a visit to. Do try out the chicken breast with the green taboule and relish it with sweet lime.

Best cafes In Pondicherry

  • La Maison Rose
  • Le Café
  • Satsanga
  • Well Café
  • Cafe De Flore
  • Rendezvous Café
  • Tanto
  • Cafe Des Arts
  • Coromandel Café
  • Bread And Chocolate
  • Gelato Factory
  • Baker Street
  • The Indian Kaffe Express
  • Naturellement Garden Café
  • The Traveller’s Café
  • The Restaurant At Villa Shanti
  • Cafe Carte Blanche
  • Café Ole
  • Earth Café

1. La Maison Rose

The La Maison Rose is a small restaurant in a boutique-style depicting French architecture. The café has a grand historical villa in its backdrop, which lets you appreciate the French colonial style.

The place is sure to leave you in awe. Neatly arranged tables under a mango tree let you escape into the lap of nature.

2. Le Café

Bang on the Promenade beach, Le Café is the only restaurant in Pondicherry on the seafront, which gives it a special mention in the list of the best cafes in Pondicherry.

The cafe is open around the clock, letting you quench your appetite or grab a drink when you wish to. Relax and unwind yourself when you dine at the Le Café with an unparalleled view of the Bay of Bengal. The lasagne and the French fries are a must-try here.

3. Satsanga

Set in the lush greenery, Satsanga is an open-air café where you can try out continental cuisines with the cool breeze passing by you. The place offers much-needed warmth. Try out the butter lemon pies and the green pepper steaks when you are at Satsanga.

4. Well Café

Located inside the Auroville ashram, Well Café gives you a view of the forest roads. The place is famous for its hummus falafel, salsa, and burgers. Well Café is the perfect place if you wish to savor on some Mediterranean food. The rustic charm of this place is sure to mesmerize you.

5. Cafe de Flore

If you are looking for a place that serves simple but delicious food, then this is the place to come to. You will be seated in the amazing courtyard at this café which is located at the Alliance Francaise. Try out their Fresh burgers, pastas, and mouth-watering Nutella crepes, which are a must-try.

6. Rendezvous Café

If you are in Pondicherry with friends, then the Rendezvous café is just the place to be at. Sit with a cup of coffee for hours together while you taste their exotic seafood sizzler.

Choose to be seated either at their garden terrace or the air-conditioned lounge and if you are here after sunset, then gaze at the clear starlit sky. A must for all steak lovers, the cafe is also famous for its chocolate mousse, apple pie, and pork ribs.

7. Tanto

If you are a pizza lover, then rush straight to Tanto. The café offers some of the most delectable pizzas with fresh garden toppings. Try out from its range of assorted pizzas, and you would definitely want to come back here over and over again. Their spaghetti panna cotta and lasagne are also popular.

8. Cafe Des Arts

The Café Des Arts grabs you with its eccentric ambiance and bohemian charm. Set in a vintage atmosphere, the place does mesmerize you and transports you to the French era.

With a range of French delicacies to try out, like the baguette, gazpacho, and the fondant, this boutique café does not fail to surprise its guests. Seated in an intimate setting, make sure to try out their hibiscus flower syrup.

9. Coromandel Café

The Coromandel Cafe has an indoor garden setting with ample natural light. The place serves some delectable French and English cuisine. Try out their cucumber martini cheesecake and coffee macchiato, which are the hot favorites of this place.

10. Bread and Chocolate

A place that definitely is a must-visit during your Pondicherry trip, Bread and Chocolate is set in the serene Auroville ashram. The café cum bakery has some of the choicest items on its menu. The perfect place for a hearty breakfast, try out their chocolate and croissant offerings.

11. Gelato Factory

Craving for some sorbettos and gelatos? The Gelato Factory is where you need to be. They serve amazing vegan flavors as well as offer some quick bites. Their creamy scrambled egg, flaky croissant, and ice cream combo are to die for.

12. Baker Street

Undoubtedly the best café in Pondicherry, Baker Street, is a place that keeps calling you back over and over again. Just walk through their display which is sure to build up your appetite.

Do go here when you are really hungry and try out as many dishes as possible. Trust me, you will not repent it. Try out their spinach, olive, and chicken quiche. Also, make sure to savor their eclairs and chocolate croissants.

13. The Indian Kaffe Express

If it is waffles and coffees that you wish to savor, then the Indian Kaffe Express is just the place to be. Their saucy waffles and pancakes are perfect. Pair it with a vanilla latte or Oreo cookie shake to make a lip-smacking delicacy.

14. Naturellement Garden Café

Naturellement Garden Café is a must-stop when you are visiting Auroville. Their freshly sourced local produce is the highlight of this café. They prepare everything from scratch at the café.

The buttery gnocchi and downy breads are surely a winner, and so are their pastas. Also, make sure to order their divine chocolate cake. You may also want to pack their nut butter and their marmalades to carry back home.

15. The Traveller’s Café

The Traveller’s Café is located inside La casita. This is a rooftop café that offers to you a 360-degree view of Pondicherry. The place is a must-visit if you want to enjoy some Latin American music and attend a workshop. The cafe also serves Tibetan momos and aloo tarkari, which is a popular Nepalese-style curry.

16. The Restaurant at Villa Shanti 

Wish to have brunch, then head straight to the restaurant at Villa Shanti. This is a 19th-century house that is now a hotel. The ambiance is soothing, and they serve some delicious organic food. Just grab your breakfast and juice and settle down with a book from the library, which also makes it a fresh start to your morning.

17. Cafe Carte Blanche

Located at the Hotel de l’Orientis, the Cafe Carte Blanche is a heritage café that leaves you spellbound with its French architecture and mouth-watering dishes. Their food has a south Indian and French blend which is the famous creole cuisine and is a must-try when you are in Pondicherry.

18. Café Ole

Café Ole serves some amazing coffees and sandwiches. Their fried chicken sandwich with coffee is a must-try. The place has an amazing ambiance and is a perfect place to relax and take a quick bite.

19. Earth Café 

The Earth Café is a part of the Palais de Mahe, which is a popular boutique hotel in Pondicherry. It is located in White Town and is very close to the beach. Their coffee is definitely a must-try.

So here are the best cafes in Pondicherry which stand out because of their exquisite food and ambiance. Do visit these places because we are sure that you will love them all.

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