18 Best Shopping Places In Pondicherry For Your Shopping Craving

Pondicherry is a paradise for shopaholics. Be it clothes, souvenirs, home décor, handicrafts, or leather goods, Pondicherry offers it all. Auroville and Mission Street is the hub, but many other destinations are equally stellar when it comes to shopping, and they are cheaper too. Plunge into this detailed shopping list with our handpicked shopping guide.

Best Shopping Places In Pondicherry

  • Rhinestone Art And The Golden Bridge
  • Casablanca
  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory
  • Goubert Market
  • Serenity Beach Bazaar
  • Auroville
  • Auro Wood Works
  • Hidesign
  • Janaki
  • Kalki
  • Cluny Embroidery Centre
  • Anokhi
  • Zuka Choco-La
  • Titanic
  • Nehru Street
  • Habitart
  • Saram China Market
  • Geethanjali

1. Rhinestone Art and the Golden Bridge

If you have an irking for terracotta and pottery items, then head straight to Golden Bridge or Rhinestone Art. This is a place to buy some amazing ceramic and clayware articles. Here you can lay your hands on modern collections of trinkets, pottery, and terracotta toys.

2. Casablanca

Casablanca is an iconic shopping site, and this place should be a part of your shopping site when you visit Pondicherry. The place sells home décor, pottery, high-end leather, linen, and other exquisite stuff, which makes Casablanca the best boutique shop in Pondicherry.


3. Aurobindo Ashram

The Aurobindo Ashram is a place to pick up some souvenirs, locally made incense sticks, and perfumed candles. The ashram is famous for its paper items.

Aurobindo Ashram

4. Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory

Your shopping sojourn is incomplete without a visit to the Aurobindo handmade paper factory run by the ashram itself.

They have been making their handmade paper since 1959 and printing them with varied designs. You can buy notebooks, wind chimes, and designer envelopes here. Also, visit the factory to know how paper is made.

Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory

5. Goubert Market

Just when you walk down the Goubert market, you will come across a market area bustling with activity. The perfect place to indulge in some street shopping, the Goubert market is where you can shop for vegetables, fruits, flowers, groceries, etc.

Goubert Market

6. Serenity Beach Bazaar

The Serenity Beach bazaar is a cool shopping site also ideal for some bargain hunt. The bazaar draws you to its liveliness.

You are sure to lay hands on some amazing local crafts in the stores. Also, make sure to munch at the food stalls to savor some delectable cuisines while you stroll in the vibrant market.

7. Auroville

The visitors’ center in Auroville is one of the top shopping sites in Pondicherry. Clothes, ornaments, handcraft soaps, and perfumes make this place a wonder for the shopaholic. There is so much to do and buy here that you can spend your entire day in Auroville.


8. Auro Wood Works

Auroville draws people from far and near who come to purchase the woodworks from here. With striking wood carvings of deities and idols, the place has made its mark in quality. Pen stands and beautiful sculptures of the Hindu gods are a must-buy here.

9. Hidesign

The popular leather shop, Hidesign is a three-story shop in Pondicherry. This is the flagship leather house of this brand which places itself at the top among those who have a peckish for stylish and unique leather products.

10. Janaki

Janaki is centrally located on Romaine Rollant Street and is a one-stop destination to buy aromatherapy products, apparel, and pottery.

The store also houses some skincare and hair products. Purchase the hand-painted skirts and the Indigo sareeshere.

Janaki is also home to the Upasana, a project that is centered around fashion created by the local Varanasi weaving community and the fisherman who were affected by the 2004 tsunami.

11. Kalki

The dream of every fashionista, Kalki on Mission Street and bang opposite to Casablanca uplifts your mood with quality non-leather footwear, handmade paper items, ceramics, imitation, jewelry, etc.

12. Cluny Embroidery Centre

If the vintage design is your style, then head straight to this place. Table napkins, cross-stitched floral apparel, and bed covers found here will take you straight to the French colonial era.

Cluny Embroidery Centre

13. Anokhi

Wish to flaunt some ethnic Indian wear? Then Anokhi is just the place to be. The clothes here are made using traditional dyeing and block printing techniques.

14. Zuka Choco-La

Carry back home some delectable chocolates from the Zuka Choco-la. Its signature hot chocolate and the amazing range of chocolates are a delectable treat to savor.

Zuka Choco-La

15. Titanic

Soothe your craving for designer wear at Titanic. The export surplus shop lets you show off the world-famous brands. The surplus goods from the premium brands from across the world can be purchased here. Buy some heavily discounted world premium brands right here.

16. Nehru Street

No shopping experience is complete without indulging in street shopping, and this is exactly what Nehru Street in Pondicherry is all about. From hand carts to boutiques, everything can be found under a single roof. 

Nehru Street

17. Habitart

Perfect to bring out your bargaining skills, Habitart is a gem offering a range of unique and contemporary collections as well as traditional Indian art and craft goods.

You can buy things made of sandalwood marble, textile, and metal. Fancy chess sets, silver jewellery, and miniature paintings are also a part of this shopping experience.

18. Saram China Market

Who does not love fancy and decorative Chinese products? It is all here right at the Saram China market in Pondicherry. The galore is overwhelming but make sure to haggle a lot.

19. Geethanjali

The place is a beauty with colonial-style furniture, Tanjore paintings, and sculptures from the Chola dynasty. Geethanjali is famous for its furniture and art pieces sourced from various parts of south India. Get home some antique doors made of rosewood or carved wooden panels.

Here we have covered the complete list of the shopping destinations in Pondicherry that you can marvel at. All these stores and street shopping sites have something different to offer. So go on a spending spree and take back home memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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