What Is The Best Season To Experience Snowfall In Gulmarg?

Surrounded by the peaks of the Himalayan range are the green meadows of Gulmarg that offer lush greenery that extend till your eyes can see. The sight of the crystal blue lakes is the dream of every nature enthusiast. In this post i am going to tell you the best season to for snowfall in Gulmarg.

However, what captivates the maximum number of travelers to Gulmarg is its snowfall. The winters are the month when Gulmarg is enveloped in a blanket of snow which brings out the unparalleled beauty of this town even further. Untouched by the hustle and bustle of metro life, a vacation in Gulmarg to experience the snowfall is perfect for rejuvenating and revitalizing your inner soul.

Best Season To Experience Snowfall In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is beautiful, be it any season. However, the splendor of this place unfolds many a time in the winter months. If you want to catch some live snowfall, then Gulmarg is the place to be. End December to early March is when you get the maximum snowfall in this region. This also makes Gulmarg an ideal place to go skiing and snowboarding for those who desire an adrenaline rush.

Snowfall in Gulmarg is a sight that you do not want to miss. If you just want to see snow, then you can visit Gulmarg anytime between November to early May and see the land enveloped in a white sheet of snow. However, if it is the snowfall that you are looking to experience, then January and February are undoubtedly the best months. 

How To Prepare When Traveling To Gulmarg During Snowfall

Gulmarg has a different setting in the winter months with regular snowfalls. This also means that the temperature could drop to a sub-zero range. Prepare well if you plan to visit Gulmarg during these extreme temperatures. Whether to enjoy skiing down the slopes covered with powdered snow or to make snowmen, it is important to stock up on a lot of warm clothes to enjoy your stay in Gulmarg.

Here is what you will have to purchase before you visit Gulmarg in the winter. From xinside, outwear a thermal fleece and invest in a sub-zero temperature jacket. Also, buy waterproof gloves and sun goggles to save your eyes from the harsh reflection of the sun on the snow. A good woolen cap protects you from the cold.

Gulmarg In Winter

Apart from indulging in adventure sports, the town offers some breath-taking views of the Alpather Lake, which stays frozen. You will also be able to see many icicles and frozen waterfalls.

All that you need to do is just head to Gulmarg between January to March to experience the finest weather. Stay in the lap of nature while you marvel at the consistent views of snowfall from your hotel window. Imagine getting up to this beauty each day!

Depth Of The Snow In Gulmarg

The top gondola station in Gulmarg gets an average of 10 to 15 meters of annual snowfall, which usually occurs in late December to late March. The place also experiences storms.

The quality of the snow will depend on the kind of storm and the elevation of the place. In the peak storm seasons, the snow is like dry powder, which is a tough rival to the kind of snow that you may experience anywhere in the world. The powdered snow can be seen right from the valley to the summit. Avalanches are also common in Gulmarg.

Winter- A Beauty In Gulmarg That You Definitely Do Not Want To Miss

Snowfall in Gulmarg is as good as in any western country. It usually starts around October in Gulmarg, but you have to be lucky to be at the right place and at the right time to experience it.

However, if you are keen on seeing snowfall, then plan your trip between January to the first week of March, when the snowfall sights are almost a daily occurrence. Also, the period between 21 December to 31 January is known as the Chilaikalan, which is crucial, and if it snows during this period, then the conditions get worse.

A visit to Gulmarg between January to March transports you to a wonderland. The place is a paradise and something that you need to experience yourself to believe.

It is important to remember that while snowfall in Gulmarg is a sight to behold, it is also the time when you may have to bear a lot of flight cancelations and disruptions in your travel plans because of snow getting accumulated on the roads.

While you may not be able to do anything about these external factors, do not deter your travel plans to Gulmarg fretting over things that you do not have any control over. Instead, book your tickets and head to this place to see a sight that is completely out of this world which leaves you asking for more.

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