Where To Stay In Kasol? Checkout These 5 Best Options To Stay In Kasol

Kasol is undoubtedly a true treasure blessed with all kinds of unparalleled natural beauty. But whenever we visit a new place first we think about where we are going to stay there. In this post, I am going to tell you about the 5 different options to stay In Kasol in your budget.


Cafes are the soul of the Kasol and undoubtedly the best option to stay to witness the true Kasol and its lifestyle. Most of the Cafes offer stays for the tourists at very reasonable cost.

Here you will find so many hippy cafes full of foreign and Indian tourists where you can have the true hippie experience, which is impossible to experience in any other part of India. Kasol is all about nature and hippie lifestyle, and staying in the cafes will help you understand a true Kasol.

Freedom Cafe In kasol
Freedom Cafe Chalal


Cafes are undoubtedly the best place to stay, but very few cafes serve good food, and their foods are costly. But in comparison, the Homestays serve good quality simple food at a reasonable price.

So homestays are the best option for those who are looking for budget places with good service. But if you are the one who wants to just chill few days without thinking so much about money, then cafes are the best option.

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Rent A Camp

Camping in the mountains is completely a different experience if you never do camping in your life, then you should definitely try this. Staying at camp is much more comfortable than it looks. Especially camping in Kasol on the riverside will give you an amazing experience which is really hard to find any other place.

There are so many camping options available on the Kasol Riverside, which will cost you only around 200 to 300 per person on normal days.

Offbeat Places Near Kasol


If you are coming to Kasol with your partner or family, then you should consider staying in Hotels. There are all kinds of hotels in all budgets, so that is up to you which hotel you want to choose.

But for families and married couples, hotels are best because cafes are too crowded with all kinds of tourists, and homestays will have average rooms & service. But another side in hotels you can find a better room with room service and all the other facilities.

Where To Stay In Kasol
Luxury Hotel On The Way To Jari & Kasol

Visit Nearby Village

As Kasol is so crowded compared to other places of Parvati Valley, so if you want to avoid that and want to stay in a remote location much closer to nature, then you can go to the nearby villages. There are many nearby villages like Chalal, Rasol, Katangla, Choj, etc., where you can easily reach and stay.

Best Options To Stay In Kasol
Choj Village Near Kasol

You can check out my dedicated article on Best Less Crowded Places Nearby Kasol.

How To Book A Stay

Cafes and homestays are hard to book online as most of them are not listed online. But You can book Camps and hotels online if you don’t want to take the risk.

I have been to Kasol so many times and never faced difficulty finding a stay, so i always book a stay after reaching there. But if you are coming with your family or children, then it will be better if you book it online.

Note: During Christmas to the new year, Kasol becomes very crowded, and most of the places get completely full. So if you are coming during this time, then it is recommended to book a place in advance.

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