Why Do I Travel? Do I Travel For “Praise From My Friends “Or For My “personal satisfaction”?

“There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” This line is dedicated to Christopher McCandless, a famous American hiker who dedicated his life to traveling and hitchhiking to get the true sense of freedom.

This topic, “Why Do I Travel,” can be a little weird for those who are not deep into traveling, but it make sense to a travel freak like me. 

In this topic, I tried to reach some passionate travelers to share their reasons behind their travel, or if there is any experience that attracted them toward traveling.

This article is a small effort to interact with some fellow travelers to get their view over traveling.

What’s My Story?

I travel to hike a new mountain, meet new people, do some unplanned things, just sit beside the river to see the sunset, roam around the villages for no reason. There are countless reasons for me for traveling.

Here is my story, when I was first really attracted to traveling.

I had been to a few places previously, such as Dehradun, Rihishkesh, etc., but I remember it was a trip with my friend to Manali when I hike for the first time, and I just fell in love with hiking and mountains.

It was June 2018 when I was visiting Manali with my friend for two days. After reaching Manali we decided to go to Rohtang Pass, so we took a car, reached there, had a few hours of fun and returned back to Manali. Traveling to Rohtang pass was a struggle more than fun because, for more than 6 hours, we were just sitting in a car. Even just half an hour later, our driver started insisting to return back as sunset was near. 

On the 2nd day a local person suggested going for Jogini Fall, and we decided to go there. We hiked all the way to Jogini Fall, passing from a deep jungle of pine trees, beautiful villages, and small trails. It was awesome, and I was experiencing it for the first time. After reaching Jogni Fall, we decided to trek a very steep part of the mountains, which was ending near a small part of Jogini Fall.

Why Do I Travel
Way To Jogni Fall
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Jogni Fall

I was hiking to a steep mountain for the first time, and I was a little scared, but we did it, and it was easy. This was the first time when I found that I really love hiking and traveling. From that day, I never missed a chance to come to the mountains to hike to a new place.

The best part of traveling is that there is nobody to judge you, and you can do whatever you want to do. For me traveling is a complete sense of independence which I never felt in doing anything else.

For me, life without traveling is like life without happiness. This is the love of traveling that I am working so hard to be a Digital Nomad so I can travel without affecting my work. Who can predict the future? But I will do my best for my this dream.

Rajat Atri

Do I travel for “praise from my friends “or for my “personal satisfaction “?

Hi Everyone, I am Rajat Attri. A full-time student and a part-time traveler, and it’s my story.

So back in 2018, after completing the first year of my bachelor’s degree, me and my friends were planning a trip, basically a trek, i.e., “Trek to Churdhar” a famous trek dedicated to Lord Shiva.

And it was the time when I realized that I genuinely love traveling. I travel because I feel good to be in “safar”. Rushing to different places, seeing various topography, weather, cultures, and customs, I feel alive. 

Rajat Atri
Rajat Atri

I travel for my inner peace, and from every trek, I experienced so many things and learned a lot, such as to look into myself and find my existence in this universe.

So, it’s always good to have some time for yourself from your busy life and spend some time in the mountains because mountains are the ones who taught us how to overcome our fears and how to admire silence.

Ups and downs are part of life, and mountains explain this phrase quite well. From hot summers to whispering monsoons and to then winter, everything keeps on changing, and that’s the truth of life. Nothing is constant.

Hope you enjoy the story behind “Why do I travel”.

So with this, as always, I said, “Wishing you guys health, wealth, and prosperity.”

Mitali Raval

I started traveling actively from 2016 when I gained financial independence. Initially, it was for fun to see places around during weekends. New places, people, and culture always intrigued me, and I made friends by striking conversations anywhere I went. This became the driving factor for my further travels.

Mitali Raval
Mitali Raval

But in 2017, I was diagnosed with a hormonal condition, and that led to major lifestyle changes. I shifted back to my hometown and started my freelance writing journey. It is during this time that I learned to challenge my physical capacities, to take solo treks, to travel frequently for more days, and to continue adventures despite my physical challenges.

Traveling is the propeller to my free-spirited wings, and even in the last year, after the lockdown was lifted, I took single-day trips to nearby lesser-known treks and beaches.

Knowing what goes on elsewhere, how it is for people on the other end makes me more empathetic towards everyone, it gives me the window to feel grateful and privileged yet honored, and above all, it gives me stories and experiences for a lifetime, because that’s what matters.

Rishab Soni

After a certain period of rigorous work, even the most desirable profession will ask you for a break in your life. And there is no better way to alleviate the stress and rejuvenate yourselves than traveling.

But sometimes, it is not all about unfettering yourselves. “Curiosity” is the one that drives me the most. Knowing more about other cultures, how some of the most privileged to underprivileged people manage their lives and share a society.

Rishab Soni
Rishab Soni

Consequently, every time this curiosity teaches me a new lesson with a different perception of life. I am learning about people and societies donning Gucci Armani while squandering their lives to those who do not even have an incessant supply of basic amenities for sustenance.

At last, traveling to me is no less than appreciating the shades of nature and what men (also, I will not forget the role of women) have crafted all around the world. In a few words, traveling to me is all about “REJUVENATION, CURIOSITY, LEARNINGS, NEW PERCEPTION, and APPRECIATION.”

Darshan Soneji

I travel to learn new things, witness new sights, treat my soul with different cuisine. Travelling gives us enough inspiration and also makes us feel that we are so small in front of this huge beautiful world.

Darshan Soneji
Darshan Soneji

Adventure makes me experience thrill, while beaches and nature make me feel myself. Lastly, I would say, each and everyone should travel and treat their eyes with something different and amazing as much as possible. Lastly, I would say travel more and create your own stories.


Perhaps travel is the only thing that makes me believe in my existence and peace within. There are few more reasons that I Frequently travel, such as grow myself, Know different Kinds of people on a journey, and I can’t manage to see myself at one place for more than Six months constantly. That’s what I seek.


Udit Khurana

Travel is the best form of empowerment for me. As my dad used to say, traveling is the best teacher. Traveling as a traveler and not as a tourist goes a long way in building a human character.

I travel because it gives me the opportunity to gain perspective in life as seen through the windows of strangers. Meeting strangers and exploring the unknown rubs my soul in a way that lets me have a heart-opening experience.

Udit Khurana
Udit Khurana

I started traveling to get over a breakup, and I believe that is the best thing that happened to me. I get a glimpse of my better self every time I am traveling or meeting new people. And just to reiterate, the best lessons of life are learned when you dress yourself as a traveler willing to immerse in the place you are visiting.


My name is Shivangi, and I am an environmentalist. I started traveling as a hobby because I always loved studying and exploring new environments. But soon, I realized that this is beautifully turned out to be an efficient therapy for me. Whenever I feel anxiety, stressed or depressed, I choose to travel. And I think that’s the best remedy.


Meeting with new peoples, experiencing new places and cultures has been really interesting to me. It has helped me to grow more and adds an amount of knowledge regarding diversity and values. Not just but Travelling and exploring is something that helps to find my inner strength, increase my confidence, and make me more adaptable.

I remember when I went for my first solo trip, it was a nearby place still I was so scared to explore alone. But when I came back home from my trip, I was a whole different person. I felt more confident and motivated. In the end, I will describe traveling for me as a therapy, which heals every pain and issue, and is a solution to my every problem.


If you too are a traveller, then please share your story with us. Simply email me your response at [email protected]

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