Work From Home In Mcleodganj Dharamshala | Best Work From Home Places In Mcleodganj

Many people believe that Mcleodganj is very crowded and not a good place to work from home. They are somewhere true but not 100%.

Yes, Mcleodganj is crowded and flooded with tourists, especially during the weekends & holidays, but it’s with every tourist location, whether it is Manali, Kasol, or any other popular tourist spot.

I am a full-time blogger and have been working from Mcleodganj Dharamshala for around six months.

There are so many peaceful places nearby Mcleodganj from where you can work peacefully and can meet numerous like-minded people.

Places Near Mcleodganj To Work From Home

1. Near Mcleodganj

I am also one of those people who doesn’t like the much crowd, and Mcleodganj’s main market area is full of the crowd all the time.

But there are some nearby peaceful areas where you can live and work. You just need to look around and search for it.

One such area which I know is on Jogiwara Road, this place is just around 1 Km from the main Mcleodganj area, but there is no crowd.

This place is surrounded by beautiful mountains so you can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains whenever you see out of your window.

There is a very famous cafe named illiterati cafe located just nearby; you will find so many people working in the cafe while enjoying coffee.

Work From Home In Mcleodganj Dharamshala

Jogiwara Road is not just one peaceful location nearby Mcleodganj, but there are plenty, and as I say, you just need to look for it.

I love working from Mcleodganj because it has everything such as a market, bus stop, cafes, and whatever which anybody needs for a better living.

2. Dharamkot

Dharamkot, the hippie village of Mcleodganj, is the favorite location of travelers and those who want to do work from the mountain.

But please choose the lower Dharamkot area as to work from home you need better internet connectivity.


In the lower Dharamkot area, you will face no internet issues, but in comparison, you can face internet issues in the upper Dharamkot.

Dharamkot is just around 3 to 4 km from Mcleodganj; you can easily walk to Mcleodganj to shop for your needs or enjoy yourself in the cafes while working.

3. Naddi

Naddi is one of the major tourist attractions in Mcleodganj because of its sunset point, so you have to be a little careful while choosing a place in Naddi to work from home.

Naddi gets flooded during the weekends and holidays, so I will suggest you to choose a place away from the Naddi main market.


There are plenty of peaceful places in Naddi from where you can work from home, and this place has no internet connectivity issues.

I love this place because during weekdays you will find very less crowds, and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset any day you want.

Also, Dal lake of Mcleodganj is just around 2 km from Naddi, so you can go for a daily walk there and enjoy your evening.

4. Bhagsu

2 Km from Mcleodganj

Bhagsu is also a major tourist spot in Mcleodganj because of the Bhagsu waterfall, temple, and market for shopping.


The main Bhagsu area stays crowded all the time, but there are many nearby homestays inside nature with no crowd and noise.

If you love diving in the water, then this is the place for you. During your free time you can walk to the Bhagsu waterfall, and enjoy swimming.

5. Kareri Village

If you are one who just wants to stay away from commercialization and looking for a beautiful remote village with good internet connectivity nearby Mcleodganj, then Kareri Village is the answer to you.

I stayed here in this village for around 3 months and worked from there.

The village is situated at a high altitude with some beautiful landscape views all around.

Kareri Villege

The village is also well connected with the roads, and there are many shops from where you can buy the things you require for a good living.

The only problem with this place is the wifi availability, there is no place where you can find wifi connectivity, but mobile internet works fine.

So if you can work with the mobile internet, then there is no issue. Mobile internet works like a charm, and I also used the mobile internet to work from here. 

Contact Of Peoples Who Offer Homestay In Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

Mcleodganj vs. Other Nearby Remote Villages

If you choose any remote villages to work from home, then one major issue which you will face will be the wifi availability and disturbed mobile network.

To work from home you must require a good internet connection, and sometimes mobile internet is not enough.

This is the major problem if you choose any remote location to live and work.

Other than that, you will find no issues.

In comparison, if you choose any peaceful location nearby the Mcleodganj, then you can find a place with good wifi availability along with the market nearby from where you can shop for the required things of living.

I have been to both kinds of places, Remote Villages, as well as Mcleodganj.

Personally, I like the places nearby Mcleodganj because they are very convenient and offer everything anyone can require for better living and work from home.

Cost Of Living In Mcleodganj


There are some dhabas and rasoi which offer tiffin delivery service at a very reasonable cost. You can get per tiffin for 80 to 100 rupees.

So for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will cost you around 2400 to 3000 per month.

Other than tiffin and normal food, there are all kinds of food available nearby so you can choose as per your preference.


A good homestay with the internet will cost you around 9k to 15k, depending upon location, facility, and season. 

I Paid 12000 per month for the room with the attached bathroom. 

Fruits & Dairy Products

You can buy dairy and other general things at MRP, so that’s not a big deal.

Fruits and other similar things are a little bit costly but not much.


Most reasonable option to travel nearby is public transportation such as buses and jeeps, which run timely.

Other than that you can book private cabs or taxis.

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